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i’m not a good writer. hence i’m not a good blogger. i blog whenever i’m bored…or i’m hyped. heh. (which that latter happens very very rare i guess)

i dun speak good english. neither at writing. and since i’m not good at writing, i just write my mind.

tis time i’ll try to write in bahasa. i speak good bahasa, in kelantan especially. but i always doubt with my writing structure, something not natural when i write, which sounds much better when i speak, of course. hence that explains i’m not a good writer.

here goes:

tahun baru dah dekat. cuma beberapa hari saja lagi. aku (or should i say “saya”) rasa agak teruja. tahun depan rasanya lebih menarik dari tahun ni.
si suami ada beberapa perancangan, hampir kesemuanya bakal bermula pada januari depan. nanti dia lebih sibuk. kesian dia. kadang2 aku saya rasa mcm agak “useless”, sebab aku saya jadi surirumah. saya tahu surirumah juga kerja yg mulia, cuma mungkin kerana saya tidak menjana pendapatan untuk membantu keluarga, saya rasa agak kekurangan. tetapi si suami selalu mengingatkan, saya sedang lakukan kerja yg mulia katanya. jika saya tidak menguruskan rumahtangga dgn baik seperti sekarang, tidak mungkin dia dapat kerja dengan fokus dan tenang. saya rasa bangga juga…hihi. terima kasih si suami, kerana sentiasa memberikan saya kekuatan dan menghargai saya.




December 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ummar is doing better, i think. His dad also agreed. His teacher (Ms Foo) also keeps reporting me of his positive changes throughout his sessions. It was 2 weeks till now. Alhamdulillah. All praise to Him, The Almighty, The Planner, The Listener.

He’s building up his vocabs, surprisingly. Normally during sessions, he really make me a proud mom. He behaves differently much better than at home. He listens to teacher’s instructions, follow and works on task, with no qualm.

Now he can hold pencil. He can draw lines. He can track mazes. He listens to voice recorder playback during his session. The other day played jigsaw puzzle with teacher. He’s much calmer. He followed instructions and less impulsive. He waited for next instructions. Mommy so happy.

Last friday, we heard “Teacher” from him. Woowww. Then he confidently said “REST”. He shouted actually, hihi..he wanted to take a break after doing some mazes.

Couple of days before that, at our kitchen, i gave him a glass of water then he muttered “Thank…Mom”
Ohmy Mommy almost pengsan.


I think since we are maidless, naturally we builds up our bonding stronger. We are always together, except for some days which I send him to daycare (for him to mingle with other kids during this school break so mommy can do some errands). Normally i join his therapy sessions so that i can learn his activities too and i practice with him at home.

Last week we went to BKC at TTDI, a kindy which mentioned by my fren at FB. I was quite surprise that they accept autistic kids too. So we just tried our luck and had appointment with the principal, Claire.
A nice lady, and a very determined teacher. I like the way she runs the program. She explained that she caters activities according to kids’ individual needs & ability. Means, it’s not by their age. She will find out what is their lacking (individually) and how to improve. Afterall, she made me trust her right away and i really hope that they will accept Ummar for next year enrollment, since they limits the number of intake. As to make sure that they could focus on each student.

Just now, i received sms from Claire. Ummar is accepted.


I think we have brighter years awaiting ahead. 🙂


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so last friday was our first therapy session. alhamdulillah it went well, albeit it was rushing morning cos we shud be there before 9. preparing him for shower was easy but to make him out of the bathroom was tough task. he enjoyed playing water. i prepared his breakfast and left myself with no time to eat. anyway we managed to be there on time.

i dropped him off then i made an excuse to get out. felt better. tho for a short time but i think i missed that being-with-myself-time. alone. (i still love you Ummar, dun worry) 😉

okay, now about the therapy. now i found out why i feel better assured with their program is the TOOLS that she introduced on every visit. There were three visits so far.

First visit : First Assessment. It was 2 hours session. She briefed about brain mechanism, some theories of CEP program and how it relates to behavioral difficulties esp on special need kids. She explained the first thing to do is to make him identify dominant voice ie our speech. Then she introduced “Whisper Phone”. Actually it is a plastic tube, used for pumping water for aquarium. It just cost RM6, i bought at a pet shop she addressed later. I speak (actually whisper cos it amplified our voice) at one end and the other end at Ummar’s ear. First try was bad, he resisted and screamed at his top lung. That continued till the end of session but at last he did tolerate for some good minutes. I supposed to continue practicing at home but i was quite handful with visits to my mom so i just had very little chance to practice.

Second visit : Second Assessment. Another 2 hours session and this time she introduced a Blindfold. Blindfold was placed at his forehead, lower part, just above his eye level so that to make him focus on working sheets on table. And tis time she made him practiced to hold pencil by using rubber band tied to his wrist. That works well. I surprised that Ummar can hold pencil correctly and last for longer time. Normally he wud let it off after short while. And he even did pre-writing practice. Woah mommy double-surprised! Ummar can follow lines and draw shapes! That was amazing for me. Tho it may seem very normal for normal kids, but for me every little achievement he made is A BIG SUCCESS. Alhamdullilah…And i guess Ms Foo also quite surprised with his improvement so she decided to get done with assessment.

Third visit : First Therapy. 1 hour session. This time she introduced using a voice recorder to playback songs, short stories, etc. Amazingly, Ummar again tolerates and working on his task while listening to playbacks on headphones. And again, mommy got to buy tht tool. Anyway, we would spend anything for him, as long as tht makes good for him. Mommy bought a Sony Voice Recorder & Headphones, right after the session, at Jusco. Hehe.

Mommy did some recordings already (hehe macam recording artist plak), some of his favorite songs. Later Mommy will browse short stories ebooks audiobooks on internet. That recorder is provided with USB link, so we can just download from internet and copy to recorder.

That’s my project tonite. 🙂


December 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

We have done with CEP assessment. after 2 visits of 2 hours each, she (Ms Foo) decided that Ummar is ready for therapy session. That’s better. Assessment fee per hour is double than therapy fees.

This Friday is the first therapy session, twice a week. I really hope Ummar will benefits from this program.


on another note:

i miss my iPhone. I’m half-lost without it. Mr already offered to buy a replacement, he understands how much i depend on my iphone. that’s the last thing i touched before i sleep (he should be jealous actually). But i’m still undecided.

Of cos i’m ecstatic if i could have a new iphone4, but..how long will it last. accident may happen again. huk


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* my mother admitted at hospital, nights before hari raya

* my mother had minor surgery for hemodialysis, day before hari raya

* my maid flew back for good, 3 days after hari raya

* i took over housechores since then, i have no problem with tht department

* i took over babysitting job, minding & manning for Jr. – tht is much challenging

* my beloved iphone was “drowned” into pail of water, last two days. *cried out loud*

* my mother doesn’t seems any better, yet…and there’s some thing else we are quite worry about

ciao for now!


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see i just did magic!

within few single minutes, i just imported my old blogpost from my old blog at blogspot.

fuiyoh! feeling better.

now..am off to delete that blog overthere with no guilt.

it’s all here, they are mine. my folders now aplenty, right from year 2008.

i got another older blog at another blog site, wonder if i could bring ’em all here too


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am not really in the mood to update

last few days we received news about my mother who fell sick again

she’s in hometown, since last hari raya

am worry about her

she has the maid with her, but it’s never the same as we children care for her

alhamdulillah, tho

i pray she will gather her strength soon and recovers soonest

everytime my phone ringing, it’s torturing

i’m worry…for any bad news