lagu comel

August 15, 2008 § 4 Comments

let’s take a sweet time on this beautiful mellow friday.

p/s : besok i raya!


dreamer’s creamer

August 15, 2008 § 2 Comments

what would you do if you have a sudden urge for double the risk?
would you, or would not.

i just did.

life is too short to regret. take it and “endure” the pleasure (and pain)

if one is too simple, two is thriller.

quote of the day,
“People can be divided into three groups:
those who make things happen,
those who watch things happen,
and those who wonder what happened.”
~ John W. Newbern~

run forrest run

August 14, 2008 § 2 Comments

i had Elly sized lunch yesterday , celebrated someone’s birthday.

today i’m fasting for my last 2 days ganti puasa marathon,
i wish yesterday i had DINO lunch instead.
The lemonade drink was just puurrfect!
kurang pahala tak?

bila haku menjawab

August 13, 2008 § 4 Comments

bila dia sesuka hati dia je komplen,
dia kata itu kutukan membina.
bila haku menjawab,
dia kata haku tak boleh menyerap tekanan.

bila dia sesuka hati dia je komplen gedegang gedegang tak bagi salam,
dia tak pikir bahasa, nahu, tajwid, grammar dia semua tu boleh mendatangkan marah kita.
bila haku menjawab,
dia kata haku tak boleh maju, tak boley bersaing.

allo incik, org nak bagi “kutukan membina” pun ada caranya.
bangsa kita bangsa beradat.
biar betul caranya, sedap di mata sedap di telinga.
pepatah org tua “kerana mulut badan binasa”

pepatah haku sendiri
“binakan diri kita sendiri dulu sebelum kita sebok nak membina org lain”




August 11, 2008 § 2 Comments

Finally (read : surprisingly) my first “offline store” is ready for guest & orders.

Meet us here;

BATIKCouture Showroom & iShoppeVille Food Mart,
RK-G-06, CLUB D’SHIRE, Jalan Camar 4/1,
Kota Damansara.

Selangor, Malaysia (definitely).

What we offer ?
All the products featured in my website(s).
Batik from Kelantan & Terengganu, Batik Blouses from Indons, Batik Shirts.
Organic & Natural products – EarthMamas, BIO FC sanitary pads, Organic Foods & Supplements.

What’s latest product?
We are now agent of AZ-ZAIN, the famously known ayam kampung organik Dr. Zainol.

Check out for these other frozen foods too;

  • Chicken Sausage, Fish Sausage
  • Beef Meatball & Chicken MeatBall
  • Fish Finger, Sotong Ball
  • Chicken Burger

Dun forget to try these local instant-frozen kuih. Stock ’em up for tis coming fasting month. Instant, Simple & Tasty.

  • Murtabak Raja
  • Murtabak Mini (Best Selling)
  • Karipap
  • Karipap Special
  • Roti Boom
  • Roti Goreng
  • Kuih Bijan
  • TEMOSA (Best Selling)
  • Sardine Roll
  • Popiah
  • Popiah Otak-Otak
  • and many more…

How to order?
Walk-in !
or…call/SMS me : 019.3010.707

We provide FREE DELIVERY to these areas;
~ Kota Damansara
~ Mutiara Damansara
~ Damansara Perdana
~ Damansara Indah
~ Tropicana
~ Bandar Utama

* Minimum Order : RM 50.00

Look No MORE!
Here’s the best choice of your healthy food (and most importantly HALAL & tasty) supplies!


August 7, 2008 § 2 Comments

it takes me to wonder, how much we can take a direct statement.
or loosely translated “cakap direct, tak berlapik”.

i dun want to consider cakap tak berlapik into insulting category, but the heart-effect almost to that such level for me.

once my good advisor opinions hers;
we should not take that every words into our level of consideration. different upbringing resulted different manners.
she’s right.

yet, occasionally i have to make extra efforts whenever deals with such cakap tak berlapik people. and now it takes to much extras when the matters should be observed “business-ly”.

when a simple gesture make wonders

August 6, 2008 § 7 Comments

being (aptly says “working”) half & half takes some extra tolls, i think.
or perhaps while doing some mental-adjustment concurrently with a new project ongoing, it doesn’t help to make the schedules any lighter.

I used to stretch my waking hours to AM clock since last 6 months. Am not complaining (tho it surely stressful at times) but i enjoyed my new journey.
So I thought when i start doing it half now, job & business, i’d spend more time for me & the loved ones. But it’s not a direct result apparently.

Thanks for the dearest hubby for his super understanding my needs. At least he’s taking over the task to get Jr to sleep every night precisely at 10. The Jr is undertaking samurai regime since past few months i could say. Once in a while he’d against the order, but the rest he’s getting tuned in.

Last night about 3 am, whilst i was working thru my latest business updates in between sipping the green tea to keep me awake, suddenly the door at next room croaking apart. Instantly i turned to tht direction but nothing was about. So I decided to make a lift to check it out, upon reaching the door I caught his silhoutte behind. I reached his arms when he immediately shut the door behind me and pulled my arms to him effortlessly. I let my tiring body rest beside him. So much I felt better.
Then suddenly i realised, I spend lesser time for him lately. And he always try his best to win my attention. Shouting is one his major trick.
Then I had the guilty pang deep inside. I took my son to sacrifice for me.

Today somebody asked me, how’s my new life treating me. More time for my family?
It’s still a long way to harvesting season. And i’m picking up along the way.

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