he’s registered

September 25, 2008 § 5 Comments

and soon he’s a schoolboy.

oh my! tis baby of mine is such a grown-up now.


i can barely wait for the coming brand new days, new experiences, new “dramas”, haha..what to expect. next year it is.

yesterday we dropped by the school, and i love the place right away.
they really mean enrichment centre, not just a business.

i’m thrilled!

note :
next mission is to find a good day care, suggestions anyone?
yup, KD area pls.


§ 5 Responses to he’s registered

  • Nisa says:

    haii kalau genius aulad ada kat puchong mmg confirm i enrol my kids kat sana. i love that school tu. mmg bagus i dah penah pegi yg subang branch punye.

  • zan says:

    ingatkan u dah beranak lagi sorang..terkezuttt jer bila tgk gambo baby hahah…love the webiste, it must be a very good school..then for primary u can enrol in the integrated school kat dataran sunway tu..or r they the same?

  • mamarawks says:

    hahaha… kita pon sama cam zan… wah wah..start new routine la kan next year…

  • ery kumagai says:

    nisa – tu lah i pun dok usha usha jgk since last few months.cuma harap2 “empunya body” tu nanti enjoy le belajar kt situ. nebes jgk i.heheZan – beranak lagi sorang? whooahooo..hehehe..amiin..:)i dok usha since masa i dok usj last time, sbb selalu nampak their van.i like tis place sbb nampak proper arrangement. harap2 mcm tu lah. tatau lah lagi kan, lmbt lg next year tp tis first timer mommy yg dh thrilled. hahafor primary nnti i dun think we enrol him at tht integrated school. they are not same. it’s very near, yup, but..i dun like the environment. just my personal opinion, i’d prefer a proper “school” environment. ada facilities for outdoor activities, green, mcm tu. tht integrated maybe good but it’s in building (shoplot plak tu), so mcm takde feel sekolah, for me la.hehe..(poyo lah saya)

  • ery kumagai says:

    cik nad – awak pun tertipu? haha..saya kasik majik kah, tup tup ada baby baru…hehe*aamiinn*:)

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