now they are here too

October 19, 2008 § 3 Comments

my heavy preggie sista now a blogger, at last.
considering my efforts meracun into internet thingy, so i deserved the credits.
haha. ye lah, being a fulltime housewife i think she needs to broaden her sights & sounds out, virtually at least. and she seems happier too.

the next day, her sweet 11 y-o dotter follow suit, as expected.
this girl is the mom’s (much) younger version.

i just wonder, my prince charming will start blogging at what age.
heh. or wont blog at all, just like the daddy.


§ 3 Responses to now they are here too

  • zan says:

    baru nie dengar khabar!!..your junior akan main golf and mine will be into manga hehehe…

  • ery kumagai says:

    tu ler. lama i menyepi kan, kononnya. hehethe other day the daddy took him to driving range, kinda daddy & son day out ler cos the mommy sibuk buat keje bila dia tgk org prektis hit the ball, dia seronok siap tepuk tangan lagi, supportively.but seconds later, he shouted "OH NOOO…"so the guy turned to him, "why? OB ka?"hehehe…potong je.Nael dah minat manga heh? must be his dad's influence

  • famyGirl says:

    *welcomes ery’s sista and anak sedara to blogland* 🙂

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