pleasant surprise – part 1

November 24, 2008 § 8 Comments

i always considered myself a nervous mom. i dont make good housework, i fail to prepare family activity schedules, i never read any parenting book to the last page. i missed those mommy thingy memorable milestones.
and i dont trim my only son’s fingernails for almost 3 years, if i’m not mistaken.
i should’ve bag the badexamplemommy award easily.

but today he made me a proud mom nevertheless. and i’m very surprised indeed.

okay, since we agreed to grant the bibik one month cuti-cuti indonesia, so i have to establish a new routine for us. (btw, we will renew bibik’s contract as per hubby’s approval. hehe)
so i looked for daycare place for Jr. deal done on last saturday and we supposed to start off by beginning next month. about 2 weeks before bibik’s departure so kinda “transition period” for him. for us. (for ME, precisely)

and so being a nervous mom plus selfish at times, i decided to start off our brand new routine by today!
Because No. 1 : the sooner the better. (konon)
Because No. 2 : so bibik can help me out at kedai. so it is open from morning. so longer business hours, so more sales. (here’s the selfish point of me)
Because No. 3 : i want to prepare my son for a good socialising skill. the sooner the better again. (konon)

so we did. i was pretty nervous about the scene. you know, being a homegrown-quite spoilt little fellow, i should never blame him for any unpleasant scene, namely first day at school.
so i tot i prepared. and briefed him (sort of) from last night.
i mentioned about school, about new friends, about standard introducing new student phrase line and so and so. so i guessed he got the message, somehow.

till this morning at school when i took him into the class (the living room) and other kids were minding their own stuff. some were watching tv (very close to the panel) when i tried to make my escape. I did at last when one of them (very thankful to him) took a ball and ‘lured’ Jr away.

Then I cried, down deep in my heart while made my way to breakfast and settled for 2 capati.
yes, two. one for breakfast and another for lunch. i am busy woman kan kononnya.

two hours later i made my first update-call to the cikgu. surprise surprise. “ummar okay. tadi nangis kejap je.”

the second call update, “dia baru bangun. tadi dah mandi. dia okay je. dah makan dah nasi goreng bekal tu”

so there it goes. my Little Precious now a social buddy. Perhaps he has longed for this rather than just sitting at home watching PHDC and madagascar reruns countless times.

first bento.

budok skoloh!

iSV HALAL Avenue

November 9, 2008 § 2 Comments

So I was away from this blogland for quite some time again.

So I was running around, joking around, ups, also downs. Living.

So I missed the monthly routine too. But negatively conceive, still. Blame it to stress for unbalancing my dearly hormones, my mom’s fav GP suggested.
(btw, she likes him simply bcos he’s handsome)


So now iSV HALAL Avenue (formerly known as iShoppeVille FOOD MART) now offers more choices of halal products for everyone’s convenience.

HALAGEL is the latest brand on our shelf.
We have almost all of their product and representing their label for this area.

One of the products;

“The use of gelatin has become increasingly important in almost all food products. This is due partly to the fact that edible gelatin is itself an excellent food characterized by a high content of instantly digestible protein in contrast to other emulsifying and firming agents. Halagel has come up with Halagel® Gelatin in economy Pack for household use. The gelatin can be used to prepare various types of food desserts such as jelly desserts, cheese cake, yogurt and many more.”

Note : Shop Owners / individuals with business interest are also welcomed to contact me.

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