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December 13, 2008 § 5 Comments

i watched ’em on telly yesterday morning, introducing their latest “share bits” now available at bookstore.
i decided to grab one right away.

ladies, i find this handy book is very very useful. (esp utk saya yang amat cetek pengetahuan ini)
they provide 501 simple questions of our daily routines, with simple answers.
and guys, you may want to share/present this book with/to your loved ones.
for RM19.50 only per copy, it wont burn your wallet at all.

have a good weekend.


§ 5 Responses to Q & A

  • elisataufik says:

    ceritalah lagi, what kind of questions abt our daily routines do they handle and what kind of answers do they provide?i.e. do they give tips on making your chores easier ke?, or ettiquette? or doa2 harian? or cara2 buat kerja mengikut sunnah/sirah ke?Interesting nih..

  • ery kumagai says:

    err..ekceli it's more about basic fikah (fiqh?) knowledge esp for women and family affair.the book title is "501 Persoalan Fikah Wanita"but for moi yg amat cetek pengetahuan ini, rasanya tis handy book amat useful. thihi.they not provide tips but answers mengikut hukum & sunnah. cthnya about Bersuci, Najis & Penyuciannya, Wuduk, Mandi Wajib, haji & umrah, puasa, isu kekeluargaan, anak angkat, faraid, wasiat and etc.takde doa2 harian but simple answers to sample questions, and some with relevant hadith.

  • elisataufik says:

    oh.. ‘Fikah’ ke.. from this angle I thought it looked like ‘Tikah’, tikah-laku ke.. eh itu ‘tingkah’-laku ek?ah very interesting.. nanti balik boleh cari.

  • mosh says:

    good book to have nak bagi sermon to bini ehehe.

  • ery kumagai says:

    mr kojax!nk bg sermon kena buat persiapan diri dulu ye tak?

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