agak keciwa

December 21, 2008 § 9 Comments

Many many times i tried to make myself understand and get prepared (sort of) about many many many problems, obstacles, cobaan, dugaan, etc..i mean those negative feedback shall coming on my new journey.
Yet, i’m quite dissappointed sometimes. Not always, but sometimes.
Maybe bcos i still reserved somewhat sensitive spot right in my heart and it responds when i have trouble dealing with kaum sebangsa, specifically.

Last week a supplier failed to turn up for regular delivery. I called him many times, sms days and nights, he kept on posponed appointments and finally i got the message clearly when he not even answer my call nor reply my sms for blind reasons.
I dunno why. We had cash term all right. I paid for every purchase without fail.
So I cant understand, the least he could do is answer my call and say that he needs to terminate the deal, that’s all. That simple. But he didnt.
And somehow it hit my sensitive spot because he is kaum sebangsa.

I tot we should help, honest to each other because we are kaum sebangsa.

Last friday I was doing my marketing job when I approached a pasar mini (with my brand new muka kering) and that cha-ya-nun-alif female kerani (confirmed not tokey, told by other worker) rejected me without even look at my face.
I dont feel bad at all. Not a little. I understand that’s part of the risk. Being rejected.
It missed my sensitive spot.

Now I have been arranging for a new deal with an eager bukan-kaum-sebangsa who’s interested to purchase halal meats for his newly opened restaurant.
Am very excited to start it off and take up new experience. I supposed to prepare a copy of halal cert certified by the manufacturer (?) and letter of intent issued by my company.
I’ve been chasing closely for the cert copy since last week because the deadline was few days back. I dun get the cert till this very minute. Calls, sms(es), promises and promises.
I feel bad.
What is so difficult to get it straight. For me a business is about honest and trust.
If you fail to offer those, you fail to gain the same.


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