cross1ng the line

December 24, 2008 § 8 Comments

We had had this regular talk casually, of late it is almost about same topic.
About new year, new plan, or rather new hope.
I mean Me & The Husband.

I think it’s very common that most of us want to make new resolution (at least) for the coming new year, every year, for a refresh start i suppose.

I learned from The Husband that new year is very important marking point for them, according to their culture. Almost as significant as our Hari Raya celebration. (tho i’m pretty sure it’s different perception)
They observed Public Holidays for a week, if i’m not mistaken starting from Dec 27.
They will gather at home and cleaning up the house make ready for new beginning. They believe all the past year “dirts” should be cleaned off.
And culturally they “celebrate” new year at home, in very moderate mood. Home-cooked foods prepared for at least the first 3 days and they would try to limit spending money during this period. Bcos they believe the way they live in during this starting of the year will reflects (somehow) their daily life through the year. So they try to make it simple and moderate. Without unnecessary expenses.

Anyway, so far we (me) never follow tht rule. Perhaps that could explains my saving plan failure so far. Hehe

So this time around again we talked about our current year and future.

The Husband sounds quite optimistic about his job, nevermind at least he wants to plan which i found it has been lacking off of his agenda for some years now.
Perhaps my turnaround decision this year has triggered his mind somehow. No doubt he feels some increase of responsibility.
I feel pity for him sometimes. But we both have agreed, this could be the best for us. I hope so.

Sometimes I could not believe myself that i’ve turned into new direction this year, completely. Something I had dream of some time ago but little did I expect I could make it real.

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” – as quoted in Forr3st Gump


§ 8 Responses to cross1ng the line

  • Gartblue says:

    i’m with you sis …you know you can make it .. hopefully the New Year brings joys and happiness to us all, insyalllah.

  • ery kumagai says:

    i lap you!(you know that all right, heh)^_^

  • mosh says:

    their celebration of the new year is also as big as the chinese do for CNY kan? tu yang dapat cuti seminggu of luck in the coming year mrs k. not many days left in 2008 dah ni.

  • books4sale says:

    madame, somehow i find their observation make sense, heh but why the home cooked food have to be prepared 3 days in advance? so dapur tak kotor during the period eh????turning our dreams to reality is hard work but sweet experience i’d say even with the heartaches and all. just never give up!-nonah-

  • ery kumagai says:

    tenkiu mosh. and best of luck to you least for sure u r going to be a father (again)! hehciknonah,maybe ada misunderstanding sedikit. i think he meant for first few days (around first 3 days) they will eat at home, and food materials purchased earlier so that during the new year they dun need to go shopping ie no need to spend dengan harapan, throughout the year they dun spend money so much.lebih kurang mcm tu la kot pemahaman saya hahaand happy new year to you too! am sure SG tgh season shopping fever le skrg ni

  • books4sale says:

    oh ic.agaknyalah shopping fever. im not much of a shopaholic and takde mendernya nak shopping sini still mahal even if sales HA HA-nonah-

  • elisataufik says:

    you are my inspiration!! I pun tengah nak berjinak2 memulakan bisnes ni.. malaysia buleh!

  • ery kumagai says:

    nonah,me now is cheapo in making. segala mcm yg nk keluar fr wallet i consider byk kali than before.elisa,oh no not me. *sambil tertunduk malu*saya hanya ikan bilis (wpun badan ku tidak kecil mungil), haruslah di ambil jerung2 lain sebagai tauladan.

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