January 27, 2009 § 5 Comments

while i was away, some (major) changes took over places here in my territory.
perhaps that explains the off-mode.

Plot 1
we (me) finally decided to re-structure the kedai layout hence resulting a whole new look and concept. i like it now, much better i must say.
hint? come over and feel the difference. chewwah! haha.
so it took the whole stretch of cny holidays. The Husband complained about non-golfing schedule at all thru the holidays but i need his strength to carry the new perabots and whatnots.
plus his critics about arrangement. anyway.

Plot 2.
…to be continued…it’s dinner time.
hint : we are now MAIDLESS. my scope of work apparently increase.
howww laaa…


add a gadget

January 20, 2009 § 4 Comments

*point to my sidebar, the one below calendar*

i found this interesting gadget at, while i was tweaking my other blog last two nights (or morning actually?)

now i put it here, cos i think it’s good “refreshment” for me and bcos i want to share with others.
nevermind if this is kinda old tool for some.

Just now i caught this verse.

“Orang-orang (Yahudi dan Nasrani) yang Kami berikan Kitab itu mengetahui serta mengenalinya (Nabi Muhammad dan kebenarannya) sebagaimana mereka mengenal anak-anak mereka sendiri. Dan sesungguhnya sebahagian dari mereka berusaha menyembunyikan kebenaran itu, sedang mereka mengetahui (salahnya perbuatan yang demikian).”
Surah Al- Baqarah ayat 146


January 19, 2009 § Leave a comment


Why create another?
Because i think i need a medium in Bahasa Melayu too.

How to maintain few blog site and websites?
Inshaallah. This is part of my new job scope. Among many other job title ie Driver, Despatch, Admin, Accountant, HR. Oh well, that’s few to mention.

Have a Good Week!

raising a genius

January 15, 2009 § 4 Comments


i’m quite sure every parent believe that their kid(s) are special.
i mean in any possible way.

so do i.

but i always wonder, how to teach my son to be good, at least better than the one i used to be.
it’s quite disappointed to hear this so-familiar phrase like;
“it’s no surprise. he is your son. he is just so much like you when you were much younger, remember?”.

oh yes. i know i know. i was the perfect example of a not-good kid.
but of course i want my kid(s) to be much better than i am.

anyway. here’s another part of it.
today i had a discussion with the kindy principal. she alerted their concerns about my special little hero. so far (up to 2nd week now) he still refuse to join their programs ie learning activity such writing, reading and such. he plays well but he just mind his own business and too much occupied by his own interest.


what should i do? so she suggested a therapist.

once (or twice) some time ago the Paed had highlighted about consulting a speech therapist but i tried to reason by giving a chance for Jr to speak naturally so we send him to school and daycare instead. let him into the environment with other kids so perhaps they will start communicating.

maybe now i should turn into Option A again.

but just i feel quite disturbed again by these coming special session.
maybe i’m quite nervous too.

anyway, he’s always my special little genius, nevertheless.

po cho po cho

January 12, 2009 § 5 Comments

i was accidentally bumped into this yesterday.
i mean, the real class. all these while i didnt know they’r having this weekly class right here near my shop.
hey, it’s fun indeed. i never tried this before. and it’s sweaty session too. i tot it’s just simple small steps but berbelit belit lah jugak kaki ku haha.
Disclaimer : This is just a sample vid. It’s not the one i accidentally attended yesterday.

So, pocho-pocho anyone?

skool-lah (part II)

January 12, 2009 § 3 Comments

i refrain from explain much.
it wasnt really pleasant first week. anyway.

First Day
not so bad tho he cried at the entrance door but tht’s just so normal for me.
pretty expected.
later managed to have breakfast with Mr Kojax-No-More while waiting for them time-out.

Second Day
very very very bad. unexpectedly.
*geleng-geleng kepala, tutup mulut*

Third Day
The Husband accompanied send him to school. He had no other choice but being a good boy.
*tak aci*

He catch flu. So we decided to grant Day Off.

susah sangat ke?

January 9, 2009 § 4 Comments

Terasa agak pelik bila sesetengah orang kita respond tentang boikot produk y@hud1 dan sekutunya.
“sanggup ke?”, kata sesetengah mereka.

Saya terfikir, kalau setakat tak makan MekDi, tak makan KayEfSee, tak minum Star*uck, tak makan meggi, milo dan lain-lain yang seangkatan, susah sangat ke kita nak hidup?

Saya tak rasa saya akan kempunan nak makan prosperity burger yang bagi saya harganya sangat tidak berpatutan itu.

Saya dah lama tak makan KayEfSee semenjak saya menjual hayam.

Mungkin saya akan kempunan kegemaran saya Ais Kisar Teh Hijau Star*uck, tetapi yang bagusnya saya boleh jimatkan duit. Kalau tak membazir je berbelas belas ringgit utk segelas air.

Saya suka masak meggi sebab cepat. Tapi bukan lah selalu, cuma kadang-kadang. Tapi sekarang supply noodle keluarga saya dah bertukar kepada brand IBU, produk muslim tempatan. Jadi takde masalah kalau setakat tak makan meggi yang tidak begitu menyihatkan itu.

Selalunya bila saya makan di luar, saya akan order m1L0 kosong panas. Sedap secukup rasa, tidak terlalu manis. Tapi apa salahnya kalau saya order minuman lain. Tak pun minum air suam je, lagi elok jugak kan?

Jadi, susah sangat ke?

Kalau kita nak terlalu detail tentang setiap produk, memang agak mustahil rasanya.
Dan kalau setakat berkobar-kobar sekarang je, bila isu yang panas sekarang dah jadi reda suam-suam nanti, kita pun dah lupa balik pasal “resolusi” ni, sia-sia saja rasanya.

Setiap perkara harus dimulakan dengan langkah yang kecil. Tetapi mesti berterusan.

Jika sekarang kita rasa “tercabar” dengan isu kemanusiaan di Palest1n dan kekejaman Z10n1s, kenapa kita rasa susah sangat nak mendidik kita sendiri mengelak (setakat termampu dan reasonable) produk alkafirun sebaliknya berjinak-jinak dengan produk bangsa seagama kita.

Sedih juga bila sesetengah orang sebangsa dan seagama kita sendiri yang merasakan boikot produk yahud1 dan sekutu seolah-olah tak logik. Kita tak boleh pakai internet? sebab ciptaan alkafirun tu. kita tak boleh pakai FB? sebab ciptaan diorg jugak. Jadi kita kena balik kampung hidup macam orang dulu-dulu? sebab tak nak terlibat langsung dengan alkafirun tuh.

Astaghfirullah…sempitnya pemikiran.

Bagi saya ini bukan isu baru. Kita sudah lama terbiasa dengan “resolusi” hangat-hangat t*ik ayam macam ni.

Persoalannya, “susah sangat ke?”

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