January 5, 2009 § 5 Comments

I can imagine parents nervousness (maybe) days before schools re-open tomorrow. it’s today morning actually. especially those first timers like me.
i guess them kids just much-less bother. hich!

The Husband not working tomorrow, officially on Company’s Calendar Off Day observed as “School Day”. At first when he told me about it, i was like…”eh? are you sure?”
Pelik. Maybe most of them take leave on the first day school every year so might as well bagi je cuti, gitu? Heh

Speaking of which, I dun get that vibes so much, yet. The Jr (and me) brand new kindy-ing day starts on 7th, Wednesday. We’ll have 3 days of so-called orientation week. Kids & parents. I should get ready for the “training” much more than him. Isk.

Physically and materially (bley?) we are quite equipped. Lagipun apa lah sangat nak prepare pun for Turn To-4-Year-Old Kindy-goer.
Uniform, Bag, Socks, Shoes. And small tumbler.

hmm..macam manalah agaknya. I just want him to enjoy this new environment.


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