skool-lah (part II)

January 12, 2009 § 3 Comments

i refrain from explain much.
it wasnt really pleasant first week. anyway.

First Day
not so bad tho he cried at the entrance door but tht’s just so normal for me.
pretty expected.
later managed to have breakfast with Mr Kojax-No-More while waiting for them time-out.

Second Day
very very very bad. unexpectedly.
*geleng-geleng kepala, tutup mulut*

Third Day
The Husband accompanied send him to school. He had no other choice but being a good boy.
*tak aci*

He catch flu. So we decided to grant Day Off.


§ 3 Responses to skool-lah (part II)

  • famyGirl says:

    apsal dia behave bila ngan daddy dia? maybe daddy dia kena hantar dia hari-hari 🙂 mummy can relaxp/s: my word verification is ‘sessitua’ hahaha

  • zan says:

    nampak sgt dgn mummy dia banyak songeh..dgn daddy, pandaila behave yer…it’s ok ery, he’s taking his sweet time to adjust 🙂 kasik chan jerlaa..kecik lagipun.

  • ery kumagai says:

    Famy,dia cuma takut ngan daddy dia sa ha ja.*pout*so aritu daddy dia jokingly said, “so we must exchange roles. i stop work and take care for ummar, you must work at ofis again”*GULP!*Zan,itu lah sebab dia pun belom 4 yrs kan so i kasik chan jer lah. but at times sungguh menduga kesabaran. tak kasik chan mommy dia control vogue.

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