raising a genius

January 15, 2009 § 4 Comments


i’m quite sure every parent believe that their kid(s) are special.
i mean in any possible way.

so do i.

but i always wonder, how to teach my son to be good, at least better than the one i used to be.
it’s quite disappointed to hear this so-familiar phrase like;
“it’s no surprise. he is your son. he is just so much like you when you were much younger, remember?”.

oh yes. i know i know. i was the perfect example of a not-good kid.
but of course i want my kid(s) to be much better than i am.

anyway. here’s another part of it.
today i had a discussion with the kindy principal. she alerted their concerns about my special little hero. so far (up to 2nd week now) he still refuse to join their programs ie learning activity such writing, reading and such. he plays well but he just mind his own business and too much occupied by his own interest.


what should i do? so she suggested a therapist.

once (or twice) some time ago the Paed had highlighted about consulting a speech therapist but i tried to reason by giving a chance for Jr to speak naturally so we send him to school and daycare instead. let him into the environment with other kids so perhaps they will start communicating.

maybe now i should turn into Option A again.

but just i feel quite disturbed again by these coming special session.
maybe i’m quite nervous too.

anyway, he’s always my special little genius, nevertheless.


§ 4 Responses to raising a genius

  • Gartblue says:

    *hugs*maybe option A is worth exploring too. who knows ? but jr is so so lucky to have you as his mother. that, you should know.

  • ery kumagai says:

    *hugs jugak*just called the speechelp centre. we r going to assessment session next week. then most possibly followed by therapy session.*termenung jap*

  • Go for the test, if he has no problem then you can sleep well and if he needs theraphy- it’ best to start early.If you think u need second opinion I would also suggest to go for it. Hugs to both of you.

  • ery kumagai says:

    BF,we did attend the assessment session some time last 2 weeks i think.he seems normal but just special sikit hehe. suggested to go for another other check-ups but the daddy keep assuring his son is just a normal boy.i believe so.just give him (and us) some time, we pray he enjoys his childhood just like others. 🙂

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