changes – the sequel

February 5, 2009 § 6 Comments

So we are maidless now.
Hence i was shop-assistant-less too.

It was quite tunggang-langgang initially but soon i started to enjoy my new routines.
Plus we regain our privacy, exclusively.

I took over Cleaning & Washing Department.
The Husband leads the F&B matters. He cooks dinner regularly.
And bathing the Jr.

So far it seems not much problem for us to maintain our small humble abode. It’s just small area anyway.

The Bibik called us already few times since she left. She missed the Jr. I guessed so. She asked to speak to him. Actually Jr just listen to her voice without any reply. That is him anyway.
Once during morning call she asked me “Ummar udah mandi?”
Oh yes dun worry I consider I’m such a good mother too. Hehe
I know she just missed Jr, her old routines and probably missed us.
And my selerak-ness sometimes hehe.


Plot 3.
We are not sending Jr to Gen1us AulaD anymore.
Perhaps that class a little too early for him. I really dun mind if he cannot read / write by this year. We just want him to enjoy his playing-hood.

Plot 4.
I have a new shop-assistant already.
Lega lah sikit. But many things-to-do.



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