saya budak baru belajar

February 12, 2009 § 8 Comments

(things i’ve learned, lately)

1. Housecleaning is the best and cheapest workout session. sweat buckets plus backache too.

2. Those super gadgets for cleaning are just rubbish. We just need a simple cleaning cloth, i mean that kain buruk will do, for a superb cleaning & shining job esp for sink basins.
p.s : i do that for toilet seat, but it’s not advised to recycle la hor. 😛

3. Wiping aka Osh1n-ing (if u remember that Jap drama long time ago) is much better than mopping. err..I mean, result-wise.
You can see even the micro dirt right before your very eyes while wiping.

4. Same dinner menu for 2-3 days in a row is No Big Deal. Hey, if Jr can survive on that same nasi goreng meal ONLY for almost a year now, so it’s no biggie for us too (i guess).

5. I really should revise our @str0 programme subscription. Apparently only channels 613, 815 , 963 (and very very very seldom 701) aired on.

6. G@rd3n1a’s ButterScotch bread is a must-have. Very practical for quick breakfast or sempoi dinner.

7. If your Lil Bro is getting busy and serious about his future life with his future life partner, you may not be informed/invited/pictured in the plans & progress. He’s just (try, perhaps) being adult. Menyampah!

8. Jerawat reflects youthness youthfulness. That’s all. So take it easy.
(denial mode)

9. Tho we are not rich, but we surely still can be happy.
(points below)

10. Patience.
“Wahai orang-orang yang beriman,minta tolonglah kamu dengan sabar dan sembahyang, sesungguhnya Allah bersama-sama dengan orang yang sabar”


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