March 16, 2009 § 7 Comments

alhamdulillah. my energy finally has restored to normal level and somehow today i feel much better, after almost a week of kepala pusing & selesema dizzy days.

the other day i told a sister of mine, kalau sakit macam ni masa keje dulu-dulu, sure dah ambik mc tido kat rumah je.
but now, forget the mc. i dun even go to clinic. cos i never bother to drink the drugs tho. so malas la nak membazir. and i worked as usual instead. perhaps it helps to recover, naturally.

what’s up & running?
1) i add up some new products available on the shelf. alhamdulillah. but i could not find any good chance to update my online store, yet. dah lama betul rasanya tak ter update. so hopefully soon soonish will be updated.

2) i managed to join kuliah at mesjid here. it’s daily kuliah called Kuliah Dhuha but i just started on last friday. kelas org dewasa hehe. it’s good. and it’s fun. learning is fun.
tho my daily schedule is getting tighter but it’s okay with me, bcos this is what i’m looking for when i decided to step out from my comfort zone last year.

3) we’ll have a new addition in our family soon. oh no i’m not pregnant yet, if you may suspect. i mean a new sister in-law. yes that lil bro of mine will bertunang soon, end of this month.
the wifey-to-be run a business so i like her immediately. heh.
we just had dinner at her restaurant. she’s quite a good cook i must say.
so guys if u looking for thai food and happen to be somewhere around K1nrarA Puch0ng, i’d like to recommend Mango Ch1LL1, First Floor G1anT KinrarA.
i love the kerabu mangga. and pandan chicken. and tomyam.
and surely the infamous pulut mangga. yumms.

sure gemok la adik saya soon.


§ 7 Responses to kembali

  • mama pasha says:

    ery… sakit kerr?? alhamdulillh lah dah sihat kan. :* btw umar berapa tahun yee??

  • zan says:

    alaaalaa sedapnya that thai food tu..take note on the kedai..boleh singah if i ever go to that area.glad u’r well again…how’s your little one?

  • elisataufik says:

    oh man.. the thai food sounds so yummehhhhSO you supply halal chicken/ingredients to her restaurant ke?

  • mosh says:

    alahai saya lama tak bloghop that i did not know you were not well. good to hear you’re ok now.

  • ery kumagai says:

    diah,cuma demam je. ujian allah, semoga saya lebih sihat & sabar lagi lepas ni. :)ummar turns 4 tis sept end.zan,yes boleh le singgah kalau ke area sana. my Jr is okay, kurus-er while bibik was away but now back on his nasigorengcraze again. doiihelisa,so far usaha utk supply belum berjaya. heheapparently they get chicken supplies according to their menu standard ie some boneless (for pandan chicken and others) and chicken supplies are standard one whole. :)mosh,me too lama tak bloghop. and blom visit ur Jr lagi. adeih

  • famyGirl says:

    mmmm kerabu mangga… yummmms! if go there and mention your name, dapat discount on food tak? hee hee

  • ery kumagai says:

    puan famy,errr…kot2 nama i tak berapa femes. hehe

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