May 11, 2009 § 3 Comments

*lap habuk & sawang*

ya ampuuunnn….lamaaaaanya tak hapdet.

to all my fans (as if there’s any lah kan. hehehe)
I’m BACK!!! is pretty good..tho pretty mencabar at most times, and pretty exciting and yes i’m still pretty too.

so i guess i cant write much details here rite now. just menumpang streaming at borders and about to leave now.

you guys take care.
psstt.. I.MISS.YOU

#p.s : to whom it may concern,
kita kecewa sebab lunchdate ngan orang tuuuuttt cancel.
makan hati tau!


Nota Kaki:
iSV HALAL AVENUE now proudly representing few more high quality brands;
~ dll

*details to be included later, later…(ntah bila tu kan?)


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