wake-up call

July 27, 2009 § 2 Comments

or a make-up call?
no i’m not a face painter. i go about plain & simple.

so tis is about a wake-up call. my neighbor drop by my shop just now with few slices of kek lapis. baked by her fren. samples for order.
i taste ’em. (not all). nice. yummy

then we chatted. she told me about her last operation. surprising. tho we live next doors but we seldom catch up each other. normally just a simple “hai” and smiles.
today i just learned about her endometriosis and cyst. And operation last year, then her regular check ups to gynae and hormone injections then followed by pregnancy and her recent miscarriage!

oh mi oh my! it seems real updates for me this morning.

she told me about her symptoms which lead her to gynae. she had problem with mense cycle which delayed every months for the past a year.
tht’s my wake-up call ! i’m having that same problem actually since…i’m not sure. but it has been this irregular since the delivery last four years!!

now i know i really need to extend a visit to my gynae somehow.
sooner is better.

#p.s : she miscarried twin baby. *huhu*


§ 2 Responses to wake-up call

  • mosh says:

    if my memory has not failed me, i commented on endometriosis at cikbee's blog before and you replied saying something like "that one also you know?"you have those symptoms too?

  • ery kumagai says:

    MOSH,TAHNIAH TAHNIAH TAHNIAH(bila le boley menumpang rezeki awak ni ye)ok now back to the topic.i think my memory disappoint me. tak ingat la.i guess la mcm ada je symptoms tu. anyway harus bertanya pakar la kan

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