kudos to technology

May 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

yesterday we went to Melake attending my ex-staff wedding (reception at groom’s side). met my old staff, we were friends then and still good now. but i learned few things have changed over the past years.

“Z” now has second wife, i met her yesterday. I didn’t ask about his first one, or his only child.  i dun like to bother other’s personal.

“A” now has new girlfriend, or just another Teman Tapi Mesra i’m not sure but they seemed very comfortable with each other. I wonder if his long term girlfriend has come to term with this one, i dunno.

“I” came with his new girlfriend (i said new because that was our first time met up), i heard some of them don’t really like her, of her bossy-ness..dunno lah.

And i was pretty shocked that  “W” took his girlfriend too! i mean, how could possibly a married man just so comfortable bring along a so-called girlfriend or just Teman Tapi Mesra or Kawan Geli-Geli (some call it so) to a function with some friends. She’s a stewardess, katanya. But i doubt, she’s quite pendek to fit into one. (insert perasaan jeles disini) hahahha. she’s cute actually.

Anyway, kudos to internet technology or facebook or friendster or myspace or any connecting-people-site provider. they have done a very good job indeed. i’ve seen some of my friends met their soulmates thru online chat (ICQ was so common as Cupid site back then), now has been replaced by these newer version like mentioned above. “Z” found his Cinta Baru thru online, an ustazah graduated from Egypt if i’m not mistaken. They finally united last year, with or without consent from his first wife i’m not sure. “W” met the short stewardess thru online as well, i bet. And there must be many other cases out there who found their “refreshment” thru tis technology.

I wonder, what are coming in future. Life is always unexpected. Beware of that “click”.

# p.s : pengantin couple were schoolmates at highschool. they were loving birds since then (if i’m not mistaken). apart from their fulltime job, they co-own Internet Cafe business.



May 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

me thinking of this






pic source : google

Pan Mee

with ikan bilis banyak2 and sayur berlambak

question : tu pucuk apa ek?

on the other

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am working on this since yesterday soft launch.

check it out! 😉

bukan superstar

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Ku bukan superstar kaya dan terkenal
Ku bukan saudagar yang punya banyak kapal
Ku bukan bangsawan, ku bukan priyayi
Ku hanyalah orang yang ingin dicintai

Haa haa haaa… Haa haa haaa…

a monday

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normally we are surprised when we least expect it. today a customer agreed to sign up elken membership without my much effort. yesterday she texted to order a product (spirulina) but i have no ready stock. so she asked about any offer, my brief reply was “no” unless if she is a member. then she agreed at once. since i joined elken last year, i havent introduced anybody to sign up. i joined bcos i want to consume some of their products at cheaper price that’s all. and i published spirulina and kington on my website bcos i’ve been consumed them, i found they are good stuff, that’s all. earlier last week a customer ordered spirulina, she got my contact no from my website. and yesterday that lady caught me online too. alhamdulillah…it may be some little penny goes into my pocket but still i’m grateful, for doing something fruitful at least. sharing is caring.

tho our earlier arrangement (to engage an engineer for a local factory) is somehow pending due to some internal “office political issue”, we are grateful that tis is a welcoming sign of business. if everything goes smooth from the start, something wrong may hinder later. so lets face it now and learn this lesson. it’s a long journey, hopefully we’ll reach at the good end.

i longed for tis

while she’s here

May 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

…i’m worry if i could not satisfy her needs

…i’m worry if i dun have much time to talk to her, she might feel bored

…i’m worry if i dun cook well (not to her liking), she won’t eat

…i’m worry if i’m pretty busy in the morning, i could not bathe her, she might take it personal

…i’m worry if i dun agree with her thoughts, she might think i’m against her

…i’m worry if my maid not treat her well (while i’m away), she’ll pissed off

…i’m worry if i keep myself busy with my own stuff, she might feel isolated

…i’m worry if i need to make frank explanations, she’ll get annoyed

…i’m worry i’m not doing a good daughter.

Junior & my mom..some years back

drink & patch

May 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

I bought the infamous slimming drink, right away yesterday. berkobar-kobar nak kurus, katanya. now we’ll see how long that firing spirit wud last, heh. I pick up the goods from a nearby stockist, a fulltime housewife, she’s doing online business during her spare time. that’s good thing about internet, homemakers now venture into many kinds of income-generated activities rather than mesyurat tingkap dgn jiran sebelah. yesterday she gave me some sample of her products, detox patch! i’ve been looking for tis actually, i know i can get it online but i never made an effort to order tho i really want to give a try. she gave me Detox Patch and Slimming Patch, two each (for both feet). bagus katanya. no harm, i always like freebies. 😉

here’s the result after a try last nite. detox patch.


tis one from left side, rasanya. notice tht oily thingy? eeewww...

tis morning i felt great, better! after good sleep i really feel different. maybe i should consider to buy some in future.

tis one taken when i drop by at my bro’s yesterday, visiting Ma. i brought over some foods tapau-ed fr her fav restaurant. she looked fine alhamdulillah…

kanak-kanak riang, except Cik Camy yg kememeh.

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