fate of game

May 14, 2010 § 6 Comments

here comes the same old issue, yet tis time with a new perspective. that perhaps lead to new solution, steering new direction and resulting new definition.

first : perspective
since i am not quite happy with my current business, financially and personally…it has been affected my days and people around, esp The Mister. He knows my ups. He certainly knows my downs. He concerns pretty much. All these while, thru our deep conversation about this matter, we both tried to strengthen up each other by positive thoughts and motivation. Improve and keep trying, that’s what i have been telling myself. While The Mister, being as rationale as he is, keep assuring that any choice is always mine. I chose to leave my last job, he agreed. I chose to open a shop, he supported. My next step is always be mine, either.
I’ve made myself believe, that shop/business is my pride. I’ve sacrificed A LOT, build it up from zero to now-not-nearly-hero. It was part of my joy, once. I could not picture if i ever let it go.
But today, new perspective has struck my mind. I am not the first person who failed. I may become the next success story. Of my own.

second : solution
so i was thinking to sell off my shop to any prospect buyer with best offer. i pray that is the best for me and my family. after consulted The Mister, he came up with that normal answer. The choice is always mine. Just make sure tht is what i really want. And i must have sense of my next direction.

third : direction
Being a fulltime homemaker, spending more time with Junior, while managing our new business. That sounds easy but the real picture normally takes an extra toll.

last : definition
it does not matter What title shall i bag. but it is about How do we tolerate with needs and How do we make a turning point, at some points of time. If those equal (some) happiness, why not?

(err..tis is not me, if u may wonder) ;~>


§ 6 Responses to fate of game

  • zila says:

    i know….this is wht u emant by ur sms the other day….
    so how was it?

  • theveryery says:

    still at very early stage – evaluate cost, hence determine price then negotiating.
    awatt…berminat ka?

  • syanashwa says:

    sell ishoppeville?? u kidding? tell me d price… 😉

  • theveryery says:

    doc, r u serious?

    i want to sell the shop. but i will maintain the website..ishoppeville will be back to its original mode : home based business.
    i’m quite handful to handle the shop. sooonest my maid will go back for good (which is Me & Mr very glad about it, hehe) and me being The Chauffeur, and fulltime home maker, so kumagai san asked me to be CEO at home. I must make sure he pay me good enuff, plus benefits. Dental Care should be covered. top priority. 🙂

  • syanashwa says:

    i’m always serious in bsness.. ecehh!! just let me know d price, ery.. we have few plans at the moment.. not sure mana yg boleh ‘sangkut’! menarik pakej jadi CEO tu.. doktor gigi sgt suke!! sugoi!! 🙂

  • ery says:

    business minded rupanya korang ni ya..I LOIKE!

    okay nnti sy PM (kat FB)

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