weekly wrap-up

May 16, 2010 § 2 Comments


how was it begin? ooh i see..we had to “despatch” somebody to a client factory. The Client was in urgent situation so The Mister had to make a quick (within one day notice) arrangement to send someone for the purpose of client’s technical meeting with Pero2. Apparently  that “somebody” is  a Japanese who has been working here for some years, married to local indian lady (i heard) but i had a quick distasteful impression when we first met in that morning. I told The Mister, maybe that person cannot work for us. He looked not presentable and not confident. True enough, Pero2 rejected him. Anyway.

And..Junior is getting better with his school routine. Alhamdulillah


I think i did not do much. Maybe lazed around at home. Didnt i?


Normal school day. But my shop assistant called for half-day leave so I had to send Chatin to shop, and Ma tagged me along to Shah Alam. She dare not to stay alone, she said. Later after lunch at Hartini’s (Ma’s fav place) we went to Bukit Jelutong, my Bro’s house (tho i believe it’s her wifey’s) *-*

Baby Camellia now tembam-er. such a sweeet lil girl. Oh i wished i had a daughter too.


Kak Sal picked up Ma from our house. I hope she will get used to this routine. We take turns taking care of her. I think that’s better. We all have our responsibilities, our duties, our jobs so taking turns is the best option, at least for time being.

Oohh..that night, my lil bro called up. His newly-wed bride is pregnant! Wooww…alhamdulillah..another addition in our family is on the way.


I visited Ma at BJ, after drop off Ummar at school. She looked not quite happy. Anyway, she’ll get used to it. InshaAllah.

(plus, today i have came to a new state of resolution about my business)


I missed a meeting. My first meeting with group of parents with special needs children. Teacher Ladyana invited me to join. That meeting at 3pm. I got to send off Chatin to shop bcos Shop Assistant works until 4.30pm on saturdays. But, i couldnt take Ummar for that meeting so I got to wait for The Mister to reach home from golfing. He was late. I had to forgo my plan. I was not happy.


Lazing day. Morning i prepared breakfast. Bihun Goreng ala my favourite style. Then we sleep in thru the noon, kekenyangan. skipped our lunch then we had some bread over iced coffee at Pappa’s KD. we both loooves the Iced Pappa Cham Coffee. Nice and bittersweet. Then we made our way to TTDI Pasar Malam (tho it’s still early) and got us some fruits and foods.

A good week it was.

Here’s the video we both (Me & Junior) enjoy tis week. He is now into nursery rhymes. We both singing while driving to and fro his school. At least he made some tunes with some new words. Hihi.

# p.s : did i mention tht Junior now has slowly inclining to normal white rice..rather than that boring nasi goreng for almost 2 years now..

yayye… another improvement!


§ 2 Responses to weekly wrap-up

  • zila says:

    i wish i can write like this….but every day in my life i was just been bothered with only one thing…..i bet u know wht…. i pray hard to Allah to help me with that, sometime I even burst into tears….. i wish am stronger…i wish my life as beautiful as u r…:(

  • theveryery says:

    u sure?
    bcos i smell something GOOD is brewing over there. keep me posted!

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