it is now…

May 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

somewhat clearer..yayye!

okay this is one of some reasons, why i love blogging (sometimes).

bcos i can write down new ideas or even any silly dream that came across my mind.

so here it is, freshly baked today.

Plan 1.

Further to my “selling off the shop project”, today i’ve made up my mind that later on when i am shop-less, i will still continue tis small business. My initial venture into tis business ie My Online Shop will back to its original operation mode : Home Based. Besides, i’ll continue serve other business fellows, those main bulk orders from other shops. That should remain, so some key products shall be stored at home, at optimal quantity.

Plan 2.

Today i heard about laundry business. Sounds interesting, with minimal risk and almost worry-free operation, katanya. Then i visualize some good figure deposits into my account, haha! but..suddenly i was brought back to reality. That business may real success, but surely there are hard works and some sacrifices to be claimed. It shall start with something called CAP.IT.AL

Plan 3.

I like tis one! It is very much feels about us. Something that both Me & The Mister enjoy, we have talked about this many times before. But tonite i see it clearer. Of What and How.

…but i need to go now. ;->

to be continued…


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