May 19, 2010 § 3 Comments

Today i made a new friend, an inspiring mom whom i read her blog linked from DocNashwa. Thank you MamaTiaMia, for accepting my request at FB. I read her life stories dedicated to her lovely twins, very interesting. She’s a good cook, albeit busy with her career she managed to cook deliiiiiccciiiooouuss meals for her beloved ones. I was drooooling at her foodie pics. I want to try out that Aglio Spaghetti recipe, looks simple but tasty i’m sure.

Today i had a brief talk with Teacher Ladyana regarding Ummar progress. He’s doing very well, according to her. He listens to teachers, cooperative, improved with speech skill, but still not so friendly with other kids. He’s adjusting i guess. Being The King of Our Family (his dad sometimes teased him so) he’s quite snobbish. Perhaps he’s adjusting to mingle around and making more contacts.

tertido kefenatan balik dari sekolah. actually tertidur dlm keta, on mommy's lap after few rounds singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep"

Tonite after dinner, I told The Mister about laundry business. He answered No. Then he continued…“ooh i see your plan. actually u want to make easy for u. U can send our clothes to ur laundry, washed and ironed. So no need to wash at home. U want to open restaurant, so we eat at our restaurant so no need to cook at home. in future…i think u want to open cleaning company..so u bring cleaner to clean our house. hehehe..save our budget and u can relax nehhh…” We both giggled..

Hahahahaaa…that’s my brainy witty husband!


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