the (winning) loser

May 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

Today is Ummar’s off day. So Mommy got herself a day out for socializing treat.

Morning, after a quick stop at shop..I called up Jee (my good friend since school-age, were neighbors then till last year we both moved to other houses some distances to each other, but we used to catch up on some thursdays/fridays for breakfast, she work at home on those days). okay now back to the subject. So we had our nasik lemak, chatted, sharing kids latest updates and gossiping (a little). We had fun. And I enjoyed her tea today, she bought from Cameron High. Maybe just a little too sweet, otherwise it’s just perfect.

Then later i went to Gombak, to surprise my sister kononnya. Yesterday was her birthday so i bought some munchkins and simple choc cake. It’s not the price that matter but the thought, kan? haha..but instead of surprising her, my spirit of celebrating was lil bit turned down, she was fasting… anyway, they can always enjoy em later. Then I spotted a weighing scale at one corner. Got myself a try, it was..huge surprise! I am ballooning..oh mi oh my! i curse the numbers, haha. I thought i should not bother so much but actually i cant help from thinking about it. Then i decided, I MUST DO SOMETHING. NOW I MUST WATCH MY DIET REALLY CLOSER. gulp!

Later at home i told The Mister. I wanna try a product for slimming. maybe it works. maybe i can lose 10KG after 3 months. *meooww meeooww*

Then he said, “okay, if u can lose 6KG after 3 months, i will buy a good present for ur birthday!”

woot woott! booster booster..(insert banana dance here)

then i asked, tell me what’s that? i dun want something i dun’s not worth.

it’s a secret! (alaaa…)

but i’ll make sure to bag that title…THE WINNING LOSER

inspirasi ku



§ 2 Responses to the (winning) loser

  • syanashwa says:

    all d best to you, ery.. smua faktor penarik dah ada.. tinggal nk buat je lagi.. The commitments you r going to make and the actions you’ll take with enthusiastic determination will bring you the success you are now envisioning..
    ganbatte kudasai!! 🙂

  • ery says:

    doc, next time i step in ur clinic u cant recall me, how? hehehe…i’ll try i’ll try

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