drink & patch

May 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

I bought the infamous slimming drink, right away yesterday. berkobar-kobar nak kurus, katanya. now we’ll see how long that firing spirit wud last, heh. I pick up the goods from a nearby stockist, a fulltime housewife, she’s doing online business during her spare time. that’s good thing about internet, homemakers now venture into many kinds of income-generated activities rather than mesyurat tingkap dgn jiran sebelah. yesterday she gave me some sample of her products, detox patch! i’ve been looking for tis actually, i know i can get it online but i never made an effort to order tho i really want to give a try. she gave me Detox Patch and Slimming Patch, two each (for both feet). bagus katanya. no harm, i always like freebies. 😉

here’s the result after a try last nite. detox patch.


tis one from left side, rasanya. notice tht oily thingy? eeewww...

tis morning i felt great, better! after good sleep i really feel different. maybe i should consider to buy some in future.

tis one taken when i drop by at my bro’s yesterday, visiting Ma. i brought over some foods tapau-ed fr her fav restaurant. she looked fine alhamdulillah…

kanak-kanak riang, except Cik Camy yg kememeh.


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