kudos to technology

May 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

yesterday we went to Melake attending my ex-staff wedding (reception at groom’s side). met my old staff, we were friends then and still good now. but i learned few things have changed over the past years.

“Z” now has second wife, i met her yesterday. I didn’t ask about his first one, or his only child.  i dun like to bother other’s personal.

“A” now has new girlfriend, or just another Teman Tapi Mesra i’m not sure but they seemed very comfortable with each other. I wonder if his long term girlfriend has come to term with this one, i dunno.

“I” came with his new girlfriend (i said new because that was our first time met up), i heard some of them don’t really like her, of her bossy-ness..dunno lah.

And i was pretty shocked that  “W” took his girlfriend too! i mean, how could possibly a married man just so comfortable bring along a so-called girlfriend or just Teman Tapi Mesra or Kawan Geli-Geli (some call it so) to a function with some friends. She’s a stewardess, katanya. But i doubt, she’s quite pendek to fit into one. (insert perasaan jeles disini) hahahha. she’s cute actually.

Anyway, kudos to internet technology or facebook or friendster or myspace or any connecting-people-site provider. they have done a very good job indeed. i’ve seen some of my friends met their soulmates thru online chat (ICQ was so common as Cupid site back then), now has been replaced by these newer version like mentioned above. “Z” found his Cinta Baru thru online, an ustazah graduated from Egypt if i’m not mistaken. They finally united last year, with or without consent from his first wife i’m not sure. “W” met the short stewardess thru online as well, i bet. And there must be many other cases out there who found their “refreshment” thru tis technology.

I wonder, what are coming in future. Life is always unexpected. Beware of that “click”.

# p.s : pengantin couple were schoolmates at highschool. they were loving birds since then (if i’m not mistaken). apart from their fulltime job, they co-own Internet Cafe business.


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