masam masam manis

June 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

Series of Masam, yesterday…

~ morning. venue : at home. car alarm went crazee. i didnt use the normal remote lock (haywire for long time already) so i use manual lock. then the alarm beeping like nobody business, neighbors were furious. (dun worry, it’s my legal car we are talking about). after about 10 mins, i managed to calm her down. pheww.

~ afternoon : normal trip sending Junior to school. he was fine, sat at rear seat then as usual came up to the front passenger seat. He was enjoying his chicken nuggets just as usual. A short while later he tried to climb on my lap (psstt…this scene also much normal for us,pls dun leak to any police traffic) but i refused and sshoosh-ed him away. Tis time he obliged (which is very rare to happen) then i smelled something unpleasant, his bottom looked wet. oh my gosh! not here not now…the smell was aaawwwful and we just half-way thru. i ordered him to sit still while i was “suffocating” for fresh air. “ewww….sshhtink”..he said. doiii..

~ late noon : i had appointment with house agent at 4.15pm. we reached home around 3.30pm. my handphone ran out of battery but i was too weary so i just retired myself onto sofa, i tried to focus on TV (read: Noah Ortega) but my eyes so heavy. I dozed off…suddenly i woke up it was already 4! Rushing to appointment, i couldnt call them, my handphone flat, and my car petrol running low (very low). anyway i managed to catch them, sign off docs and paid up some booking fee and charge up my energy. Pappa Cham Iced is such booster. Then we left. BUT BUT BUT…that car of mine decided to try me out again. Tis time, it failed to start. ha ha ha! Called up The Mister, he asked to find out nearby workshop. Got one, tested…he said could because no petrol, or maybe the fuel pump. first thing, need to fuel up. Called up The Mister again, now he must make his way to rescue. So while waiting, i took a seat at Pappa’s again. And charge up my handphone. (btw, i carried two handphones…one for personal, another for kedai matters. luckily i have good memory of The Mister’s no, at least)…AND here something MANIS happened. But i wont put it here now, i’ll write later.

So, finally we managed to track down the culprit. That fuel pump has retired, for record i just changed that fuel pump last month! (note : second hand stuff doesnt live long ya), and latest damage was MYR 700. erk, burnt wallet doesnt smells good either.

actually i pissed off. did i mention that we just spent exactly 1K for service last weekend? and yesterday Wednesday, it made me 700 poorer. i want to sell it off, but i have problem to apply loan. okay tht’s another issue altogether. i shud write abt it some other time.

okay okay finally here comes the “sweet thing”, at last.

i met him, he sat next to my table while me waiting for The Mister the rescuer.

okay la he's not sweet, but i like his songs. i know almost all of 'em, haha

and that hairstyle!


§ 2 Responses to masam masam manis

  • syanashwa says:

    o dear.. sgt kesian esp part yg makes you suffocated tu!
    err.. beli rumah baru kah?? 😉
    err.. siapakah manusia yg tgh tabik tu??
    err.. gv me tht 700 n lets settle the root canal! 😉

    take care, ery.. 🙂

  • ery says:

    not new purchase, but renting for comp’s expat staff.
    manusia yg tabik itu ialah penyanyi pojaan hatiku..haha..taklah. i just like his songs. tp dia cool, ala budak2…
    i’d rather spend tht 700 for root canal, yess! huhu

    have a good weekend nashwa..bercuti ke mana?

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