June 11, 2010 § 2 Comments


we safely reached there and safely reached home. it was fun. Albeit The Mister expected this is food trip but the foods not really satisfying, anyway that wont spoil our jalan-jalan spirit. We explored new places that’s more memorable.


Check-in at The Meridien (waah sungguh gah namanya) but actually it’s just budget hotel. Siap ada bau hapak carpet lagi haha. But since this is unplanned trip, no hotel booking etc we just hit our luck thru the way. That The Meridien was the first hotel we spotted once we turn into Taiping town. Once cleaned up and pray, we went out for food hunting. Taiping is such a small town, i then googled for best food place, Larut Matang Food Court was one of them. Then we settled in. Simple normal food court with choices of local foods. Rojak, Pasembor, Mee Goreng Mamak, Laksa, Murtabak..etc. I had Laksa, The Mister chose Nasi Goreng Daging Merah (alaa boringnyaa), Junior’s fix menu Nasi Goreng Cina for sure. We shared Rojak.

I didnt take any pic of those…segan la kan. Nanti nampak sgt mcm tourist, ambik2 gambar makanan pulak. Hehe…it’s quite crowded place.

Later we looked for any other makan place while enjoying sightseeing. Taman Tasik is nice park, greeny..soothing view.

Then on the way back to hotel we stop at a kopitiam, very few customer. We stopped for coffee (and i ordered Prawn Mee).

Kat sini tak ramai customer so boleh lah shooting. 😉

mine - white coffee yg power

The Mister's - bitter

prawn mee - ala2 je

Next morning, we checked-out quite early, around 8am.

peaceful morning of Taiping

We had breakfast at Restoran Bismillah…as suggested by Pn Melly.

The Mister's power breakfast - sedap katanya

mine - roti telur best.

Junior’s – Milo Ais. Very hard to settle for picky eater.

Then we off to Penang…

(to be continued)


§ 2 Responses to northbound-D1

  • syanashwa says:

    haha.. now is the time to do the report!! i did mine already.. tak sangka pulak kita sama2 bercuti.. mmg best dpt kluar dari routine, kan..
    we always find taiping is d best! we love the park the most!!.. n d foods too… mungkin tekak org utara kot.. smua makann rasa sdap sgt!! sampai kt t’ganu tiba2 jadi ‘lain’.. hehe..

  • ery says:

    i enjoy foods kat mana2 pun but maybe aritu rezeki kurang baik, tak dapat yg betul2 kick..brief stop kat penang for nasi kandaq tp x brp kicking for time kena carik yg gerai kecik2 gitu baru pure kan?

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