entry menggembirakan hati

June 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

when we feels low, wht wud we do?

1. go for hair cut. in this case, yesterday i opted for boy-cut. quite short.

2. retail therapy. for my case, yesterday i went to 3 shops with similar concept. english deco.

3. makan makan makan. but i just started ganti puasa marathon yesterday so my options limited until no.2

have a look at my hasil tangkapan yesterday. for low budget therapy, cuma inilah yang termampu, tapi cukup menggembirakan hati, nevertheless. kalau ikutkan nafsu ada lagi yg nak dicekup tapi nasib baik bila shopping time puasa, nafsu agak terkawal.


from British Home warehouse sale

blackboard. for kitchen sepatutnya tp blom dpt port sesuai, sudahnya kat dining ler for now

i'd prefer it white but wooden color pun takpelah, for time being

Ummar likes tis. dah jadi his playmat plak. nasib baik mommy tak pilih Pink kare


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