June 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

…Mrs K will handover her small shop business to the lucky buyer, also a fren of hers.

…school opens, and the “pilot-ing” routine resume

…Si Bibik will be sent home, Mrs K will be fully incharge

…Mr K will try to find a “nurse” for Mrs K’s mom, to take care of her specifically. At least she wont be alone while Mrs K out to send and pick Junior to school. (she has to wait until his class finish)

…everything will fall into right places, inshaallah

perjalanan...(sekadar gambar hiasan)


§ 2 Responses to soon

  • syanashwa says:

    yur fren must be very lucky!! all the best to everything that r beautifully planned.. and bab mengadu domba tu.. bersabarlah atas ujian.. ganbatte, K san!!

  • ery says:

    thank you doc! rasanya soon things will be clearer and lighter.
    now i keep telling myself, tho many things we hav to face and to settle from time to time, but most important we do it honestly. so hati jd senang, yg susah dipermudahkan, inshaallah..

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