double three

July 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

it’s my birthday! i am sweet thirty-three, day 1.

alas, it’s just another normal day. except i have this extra berbunga-bunga feeling deep inside my heart. sorta young child feeling, abit.

i tot we could spend the weekend away from home, such a short trip. and i did make a reservation at a beach resort in Terengganu. East Cost beach strip is always our best choice for sea retreat. then later only i was made known that Mr K has to work today, this very saturday, this very my birthday. pfffttt…trip cancelled. i dun favor the idea of postponing to next weekend, Ramadhan is just very much around the corner.

so that is my birthday this year. i cooked my favourite bihun goreng for breakfast, i gave some to neighbor. and i eat bihun for lunch. later in evening, my dearly sister came over with kids and a cake and pudding. i cooked my infamous beef lasagna. we enjoyed our italian dinner, it’s not a party per say but who needs one when u know all u need is around.

it’s LOVE tht keep my heart warm.

thank you Allah…for this great blessing.

Yours Truly


a short twenty

July 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

i met my old school friend today. she greeted me while i was busying myself berpeleseran alone (as always) while waiting for Jr. class to finish. It was at PKNS today.

surprisingly, after that loooong twenty years…she could spotted me well. the last time we saw each other when were sweet thirteen in our old school back home.

thirteen years old. that was twenty years ago. woww! how much we have grown up (and growing old).

she is still tht same her. i remember i used to enjoy her joyful talk, her natural joke, her honest comments. we were not best buddies but we were good frens tho. she’s still that same her. friendly, bubbly, easy to talk to, very approachable. i still like her as i used to.

naturally we exchange notes about our “achievements” thru twenty years now.

she’s married with 3 kids. i am married with one kid. she’s working at finance dept and quite boring with her job. I had resign some 18 months ago.

she’s now a chubby lady, and was a chubby kid twenty years back.

i am fat lady, and was a slim tall kid twenty years back. *sigh*

at least i shud appreciate that sincere comment anyway, rite? and i just should not take it personal when she asked whether i am pregnant while she stared at my tummy, rite? and also when she pinched my pillowy arm tenderly while we said goodbye to each other. *sigh*

life is not a wonderland.

Yours Truly


July 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

so i decided to write again, after a looong break. and tis is second post today shortly after i posted that prev “short” 5 mins before.

okay so how did i enjoyed the break? it wasnt really a break actually, im just literally around the house, lazying my bum, shouting at my dear son then kiss him, hugs and more kisses, and watching his fav phdc countless reruns, and cook dinners.

but one more new task i currently enjoy and make myself proud is…i do BAKING!

yes i do!

hah hah hah.

(hence that explains my weight gain, am I rite?)

anyway, yesterday i was thinking to blog again when i have tis idea to make my blog juicier, at least to my self contentment and i think i shud include my so-called BAKING NOTES here. but it shud not limits to baking only rite? hmmm…then let me correct it. how bout…NOTES FOR HUNGERS. okay nggak?


bye for now.

Yours Truly


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is here again…

but feeling somewhat lacking of…

and the only thing that keep on piling is the weight…


break vs broken

July 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

…taking a break.

…i mean, a real good one.

…to fix a broken part.

…shutting down.

…logging out.



July 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

yesterday’s convo at a shop.

She : Tak keje ke kak?

Me : Tak.

She : Tak boring ke?

Me : Tak. *smile*

She : Ke akak ada buat apa2 bisnes part time…

Me : Tak. *smile*

She : Abis tu tak boring ke dok kat umah je…

(i know she’s fishing for something)

Me : Tak boring lah. Best apa dok umah. Antar anak pegi sekolah..ulang alik, tak sempat nak boring.


Dear World (acehcehceh, statement melampau)

I am now housewife. I have let go my small shop, my baby that i showered with all my sweat, tears and moolahs and everything possible after resigned from my makan gaji job last 2 years. I am grateful that i have gained alot. Not mooney but experiences, i treasured most. I made new friends, my customers and my business networks. I understand now new feature about life, another side of the world that i barely see when i was (pretty well) salaried. All praise to Allah…for bestowing these opportunities.

Yours Truly.

here comes July. Our favourite month.

here comes second half of year. Our goal re-projected.

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