July 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

yesterday’s convo at a shop.

She : Tak keje ke kak?

Me : Tak.

She : Tak boring ke?

Me : Tak. *smile*

She : Ke akak ada buat apa2 bisnes part time…

Me : Tak. *smile*

She : Abis tu tak boring ke dok kat umah je…

(i know she’s fishing for something)

Me : Tak boring lah. Best apa dok umah. Antar anak pegi sekolah..ulang alik, tak sempat nak boring.


Dear World (acehcehceh, statement melampau)

I am now housewife. I have let go my small shop, my baby that i showered with all my sweat, tears and moolahs and everything possible after resigned from my makan gaji job last 2 years. I am grateful that i have gained alot. Not mooney but experiences, i treasured most. I made new friends, my customers and my business networks. I understand now new feature about life, another side of the world that i barely see when i was (pretty well) salaried. All praise to Allah…for bestowing these opportunities.

Yours Truly.

here comes July. Our favourite month.

here comes second half of year. Our goal re-projected.


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