July 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

so i decided to write again, after a looong break. and tis is second post today shortly after i posted that prev “short” 5 mins before.

okay so how did i enjoyed the break? it wasnt really a break actually, im just literally around the house, lazying my bum, shouting at my dear son then kiss him, hugs and more kisses, and watching his fav phdc countless reruns, and cook dinners.

but one more new task i currently enjoy and make myself proud is…i do BAKING!

yes i do!

hah hah hah.

(hence that explains my weight gain, am I rite?)

anyway, yesterday i was thinking to blog again when i have tis idea to make my blog juicier, at least to my self contentment and i think i shud include my so-called BAKING NOTES here. but it shud not limits to baking only rite? hmmm…then let me correct it. how bout…NOTES FOR HUNGERS. okay nggak?


bye for now.

Yours Truly


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