September 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

you see, i have this normal pattern with my blog. there are many big gap happens occasionally in the post loop. mind you, this is not my first blog. and some of them was left abandoned. i care less for them. and maybe tis one as well.

the fact here “aku menulis bukan kerna nama….”. heh

you see, thru the past few weeks when i did not update this blog, so many thing happening around. not great event, nothing major but suffice to say there are so meaningful to me. but i just cant write. perhaps i’m too lazy to write. or, maybe partly because it’s too confidential for me. i have very little trust towards this “dunia tanpa sempadan” thingy. privacy offered here is the last thing we should count on. i think so. anyway…

you see, (tho up to this point, i’m not so sure whom that i refer “you” to. i assume there are few people reading this apart from me and i like it if the number is very very small..i am shy girl like that. and i love privacy, remember?)

so you see, if u may notice, i like to change layout of my blog. i keep on changing this layout almost every time i have this mood of writing. the idea here i like to keep it refreshed. somewhat it makes me feel revive, sort of.

it doesn’t really matter actually. hah hah

so today is 26th ramadhan (if i calculate correctly). i should write something about this Mubarak month at least. i’d save that for next post.

bye for now.

Your Truly


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