September 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

i have an issue. this one i’ve been dealing with for some time, putting up reasons and confronting myself, lemme correct. it’s confronting & comforting. i let the battle run deep inside myself. take up a place in brain and sometimes in my heart. so i call it an issue.

since i left my office job, okay actually prior to make that big decision, i’ve considered so much that many things will change. i might risk some of my leisure, and that include my good time with friends. but since i’m not living in wonderland, i have to make a choice. i cannot have everything in my small hands.

so the issue here is about friends. i sense that i’m losing some friends, that used to be my good friends. i dunno. i tot with edgy technology now, things shud be easier for people connecting with others. take FB for instance, we are in the loops, yet we are still far apart. (or maybe it’s just me who thinks so). i dunno. we dun communicate much. i’d rather observe them communicating within their loop, and i feel i cant fit into it. while i’m adjusting myself with this new title “housewife”, it takes down my pride somehow. maybe, i feel “impotent”


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