Rendang Ayam Kampung

September 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

I just posted tht earlier post and suddenly i remember i have long due new category of my cooking adventures.

I name it Kitchen Notes.

Here’s the first entry of this new folder. Since i just cooked Rendang Ayam yesterday, i can recall pretty well plus i hav a snap pic of them.

Okay here’s the intro. This recipe i got from my fren’s mom. A true Nogori-an. Once i tasted her rendang, that was sooo nice! Tanpa segan silu maka saya bug dia suruh tanya resepi dpd maknya. Since then, i practiced this Law of Rendang everytime orders were made up. It has not failed me so far, at least it’s good enough for my tastebud. (what or who else matters, kan?) *wink*

Bahan-Bahan / Material : (sorry i will skip this. bcos i dun like to read thru bahan2 if i’m reading recipe. it’s normally a long list and that might spoil my spirit to cook, most of time. So normally i’d jump to Kaedah and peek scroll up to Bahan-Bahan if there’s need.)

Kaedah / Procedure :

*alamak tetiba mata rasa ngantuk*

Shall i postpone this detail later?


but anyhow, here’s the result.

bahan bukti


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