shawwal again

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s here again, finally. Tis time I’m quite certain about my feeling towards Shawwal. Tis time I could relate it more to the earlier month. Such mixed feeling, of letting go at one side and embracing joy at the other. Perhaps now I get to know me better. Of my wants, of my desire, of my misery, of my sorrow. Time has taught me pretty  good, so far. Alhamdulillah. I pray to The Almighty, to keep me in the right path. To lead me to the bright future, bestow me with His Greatest Love and protect me from the sinful nafs. Ameen ya Allah, ya Rahmaan, ya Raheem.

Today I’m so happy, after many Shawwals finally today I urged myself to perform Solat Eid. I dunno. Somehow I felt such a sense of relief.

we stop at Kayu for breakfast after solat eid.

Later in afternoon, some friends of Mr Hubby’s came over for “celebrating” our Hari Raya fest. I’m happy, at least we have some guest and Mr Hubby enjoyed chit-chatting. I cooked Rendang Ayam and Kerutuk Daging yesterday eve. Today i just boiled the instant Nasi Impit and cooked Kuah Lontong.

That’s our Shawwal 01, 1431H to remember.

~ Yours Truly~


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