bittersweet : a separate spectrum

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Life is colorful.

Sometimes i found myself in a deep, hollow, sorrow hole. Suffocated to resurface. Remember : that is a test.

He has plan everything beyond our understanding sometimes. But He meant that for good.

Last couple of months, i had problem when i found myself was cheated. When it is money matters, we should expect the unexpected, i recalled. But at that time, little did i realized i was sent into my own “grave”.

Then a great lesson learnt.

Love is blind. Yes. But money can make it worse. *sigh* People wud do anything for money. They could disowned trust, even from closest family. *double sigh*

Alhamdullillah…after a streak of “cold war” and long prayers, yesterday i won the battle. Anyway, it’s mine. So i just claim my right.

And today i received another good news…all praise to Allah, unto Him we put our hopes. He answer my prayers.

InshaAllah this December i’m going to perform Umrah. That’s my biggest dream for now, amongst other hopeful wishes.

I’m going with my brother and SIL. I’ll leave behind my little precious for first time in our bonding years, for a short 11 days. I dunno how will i handle that separation, but I know Allah will help me go through.

I’m very excited. And nervous at same. This is my first experience. I praying hard, i hope everything goes smoothly and safe, my journey, my ibadah and my family here back home.

“Verily, with every difficulty there is relief” [Surat Ash-Sharh, 94 :6]


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