November 5, 2010 § Leave a comment


finally today i made up my mind to send off our maid earlier than normal schedule. i have issues with her, i mean we are having some issues with her since day 1 of course but anyhow we made it through, almost 4 years now. she’s not so bad, and we are not mean, but we are still not comfortable living with outsider. and myself, from starting i always prefer to handle everything on my own, much satisfying tho we need to tolerate and sacrifice a lot.

yesterday i was really angry at her. she & Jr were sitting at living room when i went downstairs, i immediately smelled gas. i rushed to kitchen and found out she left it on. stoooooopid.and she cant even smell? puufffff!

today i let her go for outing day. and me & Jr at home. challenge day 1. that was really tiring but i’m gonna face this from now. i might enjoy it soon.

enuff about her i guess. hopefully we’ll get her a ticket to fly back latest by end of tis month. buhbye.


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