backdated issue [1]

November 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

while i was away…

i watched two korean dramas.

first, i re-watched Princess Hours series. that was third time, if i count correctly. simply fall in love with them again. but something new happened. before this, everytime i watched Princess Hours, i never fail to fall into Prince Yul, again and again. he’s just sooo sweet and charming. cair lah gua. but…jeng..jeng..jeng…tis time…i had crushed on Prince Shin. ssshhhh…yep, tht snobbish Shin. ohmy. haha. He is Tall, not dark and Handsome. yummeh. err..just forget the sepetness. heh

Lucky ChaeKyung & Prince Shin

arent they cute aight?

Then, i watched Coffee Prince. That sweet Chae Kyung was a REAL TOMBOY in this series. oh my she did it very well. In this series, i found i have no chemistry at all with the leading man (eceh ceh) yet i like the second man, Han-Sung. He’s NOT HANDSOME, a little sweet but i found he is CHARMING. how bout that…and he sing very well. I download tht song (Ocean Travel) into my iTUnes and exported to my iPod. One of my best favorites.


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