November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

our first try out : home made steamboat.

step 1 : get a portable stove. we bought it from G1ant. very handy & cheap. its packed in black suitcase, very james bond like. heh. cost about rm50, we chose pensonic. and dun forget to buy the canned gas.

step 2 : buy frozen seafood steamboat materials. we had assorted of them. fishballs, fucuk, prawn, squid, mushroom, tofu, etc…

step 3 : prepare the soup. boil..and dunked ’em all…and..the party’s begin..*insert banana dance*

tis time i let Mr ruled the course. me watched and enjoyed. 🙂 he prepared instant soup, using soy ketchup for Soba soup. very the senang. then we add some chilli paste, salt..voila!

yesterday’s weather was just so nice. suam-suam winter…just nice for steamboat dinner. maybe next time we can have it outdoor. more fun!

tip : i think a portable stove shud be listed in “a must-have” for every house. it’s handy. we can take it to picnic-do, and also it’s very useful if we suddenly run out of gas at home. eureka!

the spanking new stove. heh

macam-macam ada..

side dish : kerang goreng ala uptown. i cooked for lunch earlier


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