November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

“kita hanya merancang…tapi hanya Dia yang berhak menentukan”


Earlier we had come to understanding that starting next year, Ummar will be placed into normal daily class with other kids. I was quite excited, i always want normal things for him. Normal school, normal class, normal friends, normal development, normal milestone, normal activities, etc… but we are never The Mastermind.

This year his schedule is quite awkward. Starts from 12.30pm to 2.45pm, 3 days a week on alternate days. He is under occupational therapy with Teacher Charisma, 1 to 1 basis. The fee is almost double than normal fee. We agreed cos we have not many choice. A beggar cant be a chooser, kan?

Some time ago we had a discussion with the principal about his next year schedule and i was told that he will join normal daily schedule starting next year, but his fee is still double because he needs to continue the therapy sessions. Again, we beggars have no choice.

So i was trying to figure out some good plans, to fix into his next year timetable. 8.30am to 2.45pm daily so i have an ample time for meself. And i’m gonna be maidless. Yes i must do all the housechores. But I am not fancy to travel back and forth everyday to SA, making it 4 trips daily. Petrols+Toll+Time. A big waste. So i imagining to make myself more Useful (heck! feeling this kinda worthless actually since i’m no longer a salary-contributor). I tot maybe i can find a job, any odd job as long as Halal, somewhere nearby his school and can fit into my schedule (correction : his schedule), it’s half-day obviously. But at least i can cut down travelling time & cost. I was thinking of Librarian (hihi, comel). Where and how, i dun go to details yet. So I consulted Mr, he was not quite happy with that. Then i reasoned about wasting my time & my energy, then he partly agreed.

Until…last monday. When finally i got another (twisted) news that Ummar will continue same schedule (12.30pm-2.45pm) next year but everyday instead of 3 days weekly now. And, at tht same DOUBLE FEE, RM800 monthly.

Melampau! (that was the first thing shoot into my head) Yet i smiled. Again, we beggars…

Finding a school for him is pretty hard. Yes there are some centre operating specializing to handle autistic kids. EAP for instance, located in Bangsar. not so far from our place, but their fee is too far from our budget. averagely 10K monthly! then what’s gonna left for us to makan. Maybe they are just too good, yet unmatched our condition.

Some other centres are much cheaper, operated by NASOM-KIWANIS. But normal rule says : when things cheap, it last fast. It’s fully occupied. And, another reason i’m not really keen to send him over, because I dun want him to be in special school. I may sound harsh, or selfish, but that is how i felt even from beginning when he was diagnosed with autism. I want him to go thru normal life. Yes he is very special to me, but i think being placed in special school with other special kids, that might be demotivating. Pardon me, but that is my personal view and feeling.

tis pic taken on his last birthday

So, it seems now plans changed again. We can only plan, but unto Him we surrender. He The Best Planner, The Best Knowing, The Gracious and Most Merciful.


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