December 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

We have done with CEP assessment. after 2 visits of 2 hours each, she (Ms Foo) decided that Ummar is ready for therapy session. That’s better. Assessment fee per hour is double than therapy fees.

This Friday is the first therapy session, twice a week. I really hope Ummar will benefits from this program.


on another note:

i miss my iPhone. I’m half-lost without it. Mr already offered to buy a replacement, he understands how much i depend on my iphone. that’s the last thing i touched before i sleep (he should be jealous actually). But i’m still undecided.

Of cos i’m ecstatic if i could have a new iphone4, long will it last. accident may happen again. huk


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  • syanashwa says:

    salam ery.. lama tk mnjenguk.. asyik baca thro’ emails! hehee.. how’s yur mom doing? harap smakin bertenaga.. esp after dialysis session tu.. insyaAllah.. takyah la nk segan2.. terima je tawaran iphone baru tu! 😉 and all the best to encik Ummar and his maidless mom, ya!! 🙂 bila berangkat??

    • wsalam…
      my mom is adopting new “routines”. i hope she gets better.
      iphone tu..nafsu rasa nak, but akal ckp tangguh la dulu. maybe ada priorities lain dulu, ummar for instance

      kita tak jadi gi umrah tis month, due to visa not released by saudi. new rules for tis year. apparently we have to postpone trip, anyway hopefully it’s for better

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