December 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ummar is doing better, i think. His dad also agreed. His teacher (Ms Foo) also keeps reporting me of his positive changes throughout his sessions. It was 2 weeks till now. Alhamdulillah. All praise to Him, The Almighty, The Planner, The Listener.

He’s building up his vocabs, surprisingly. Normally during sessions, he really make me a proud mom. He behaves differently much better than at home. He listens to teacher’s instructions, follow and works on task, with no qualm.

Now he can hold pencil. He can draw lines. He can track mazes. He listens to voice recorder playback during his session. The other day played jigsaw puzzle with teacher. He’s much calmer. He followed instructions and less impulsive. He waited for next instructions. Mommy so happy.

Last friday, we heard “Teacher” from him. Woowww. Then he confidently said “REST”. He shouted actually, hihi..he wanted to take a break after doing some mazes.

Couple of days before that, at our kitchen, i gave him a glass of water then he muttered “Thank…Mom”
Ohmy Mommy almost pengsan.


I think since we are maidless, naturally we builds up our bonding stronger. We are always together, except for some days which I send him to daycare (for him to mingle with other kids during this school break so mommy can do some errands). Normally i join his therapy sessions so that i can learn his activities too and i practice with him at home.

Last week we went to BKC at TTDI, a kindy which mentioned by my fren at FB. I was quite surprise that they accept autistic kids too. So we just tried our luck and had appointment with the principal, Claire.
A nice lady, and a very determined teacher. I like the way she runs the program. She explained that she caters activities according to kids’ individual needs & ability. Means, it’s not by their age. She will find out what is their lacking (individually) and how to improve. Afterall, she made me trust her right away and i really hope that they will accept Ummar for next year enrollment, since they limits the number of intake. As to make sure that they could focus on each student.

Just now, i received sms from Claire. Ummar is accepted.


I think we have brighter years awaiting ahead. 🙂


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