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“kita hanya merancang…tapi hanya Dia yang berhak menentukan”


Earlier we had come to understanding that starting next year, Ummar will be placed into normal daily class with other kids. I was quite excited, i always want normal things for him. Normal school, normal class, normal friends, normal development, normal milestone, normal activities, etc… but we are never The Mastermind.

This year his schedule is quite awkward. Starts from 12.30pm to 2.45pm, 3 days a week on alternate days. He is under occupational therapy with Teacher Charisma, 1 to 1 basis. The fee is almost double than normal fee. We agreed cos we have not many choice. A beggar cant be a chooser, kan?

Some time ago we had a discussion with the principal about his next year schedule and i was told that he will join normal daily schedule starting next year, but his fee is still double because he needs to continue the therapy sessions. Again, we beggars have no choice.

So i was trying to figure out some good plans, to fix into his next year timetable. 8.30am to 2.45pm daily so i have an ample time for meself. And i’m gonna be maidless. Yes i must do all the housechores. But I am not fancy to travel back and forth everyday to SA, making it 4 trips daily. Petrols+Toll+Time. A big waste. So i imagining to make myself more Useful (heck! feeling this kinda worthless actually since i’m no longer a salary-contributor). I tot maybe i can find a job, any odd job as long as Halal, somewhere nearby his school and can fit into my schedule (correction : his schedule), it’s half-day obviously. But at least i can cut down travelling time & cost. I was thinking of Librarian (hihi, comel). Where and how, i dun go to details yet. So I consulted Mr, he was not quite happy with that. Then i reasoned about wasting my time & my energy, then he partly agreed.

Until…last monday. When finally i got another (twisted) news that Ummar will continue same schedule (12.30pm-2.45pm) next year but everyday instead of 3 days weekly now. And, at tht same DOUBLE FEE, RM800 monthly.

Melampau! (that was the first thing shoot into my head) Yet i smiled. Again, we beggars…

Finding a school for him is pretty hard. Yes there are some centre operating specializing to handle autistic kids. EAP for instance, located in Bangsar. not so far from our place, but their fee is too far from our budget. averagely 10K monthly! then what’s gonna left for us to makan. Maybe they are just too good, yet unmatched our condition.

Some other centres are much cheaper, operated by NASOM-KIWANIS. But normal rule says : when things cheap, it last fast. It’s fully occupied. And, another reason i’m not really keen to send him over, because I dun want him to be in special school. I may sound harsh, or selfish, but that is how i felt even from beginning when he was diagnosed with autism. I want him to go thru normal life. Yes he is very special to me, but i think being placed in special school with other special kids, that might be demotivating. Pardon me, but that is my personal view and feeling.

tis pic taken on his last birthday

So, it seems now plans changed again. We can only plan, but unto Him we surrender. He The Best Planner, The Best Knowing, The Gracious and Most Merciful.


First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah

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I read tis article at website. Interesting, i like it much. i wud copy & paste here, for my reference, now and in future.

There are tons of reasons why you wouldn’t want to pass up this opportunity. Do you know which one? The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah.

It’s that time of the year again, the last month of the lunar calendar for the year 1431 after the Hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam. This is the time when more than two million people from all around the globe will be meeting together for at least five days in the plains of Makkah, Mina, Arafa and Muzdalifa to perform their sacred journey to Makkah, known to us as al-Hajj, the pilgrimage. What bonds them together? One thing: al-Islam.

If you are already reading this, most likely you are not going to Hajj. And if you’re there already, then what on earth are you doing wasting your time online? Go to the Haram and enjoy your tawaf.

There are two chances in life: the one which you have already missed and the one which you don’t want to miss. What you already have is no longer a chance, its reality.

Therefore, for those of us who were unable to be there in Makkah, why should we value these special days of the year? Here are my top five reasons.

Allah subahanahu wa ta’ala valued these days so much that he swore by them in the Qur’an. And If Allah swore by something, then it is definitely profound and of the greatest value. Allah says:

والفجر وليال عشر
“by the dawn, and by ten nights” alfajr 89:1-2

Ibn Kathir rahimahullah in his tafsir referred to these ten days as the ten days of Dhul Hijjah. He also attributed this opinion to Ibn Abbas, Ibn az-Zubair and others of the righteous predecessors.

The good deeds performed during these ten days are most rewarded, more than any other time of the year.
Ibn Abbas narrated the Messenger salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam said:

(مَا مِنْ أيَّامٍ العَمَلُ الصَّالِحُ فِيهِنَّ أحَبُّ إلى الله مِنْ هَذهِ الأيَّامِ العَشْرِ) ، فقالُوا يا رسولُ الله: ولا الجِهَادُ في سَبِيلِ الله؟ فقالَ رسولُ الله : ( ولا الجِهَادُ في سَبِيلِ الله، إلاّ رَجُلٌ خَرجَ بِنَفْسِهِ ومَالِهِ، فَلَمْ يَرْجِعْ من ذَلِكَ بِشَيْءٍ).

“There are no days during which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days. The companions asked: not even jihad in the cause of Allah? The Messenger of Allah replied: Not even jihad in the cause of Allah except for the one who went to fight taking himself and his wealth but did not return with either of them.” (Bukhari and Tirmidhi.)

These ten days host one special day in which there are so many blessings. It is the day of Arafa, the ninth day of Dhul Hijjah and the day preceding the Eid day. Some of the blessings of Arafa are:

  • Fasting that day expiates the sins of two years, the previous one and the coming year. (Muslim)
  • It is a day in which Allah completed the revelation of the religion, perfected this bounty bestowed upon us and was satisfied with Islam as our religion. This was mentioned in surat al-Ma’edah 5:3. (Bukhari and Muslim)
  • It is the day when Allah AlMighty descends, in a manner that suits His Majesty, to the closest heaven and shows his pride to the angels about the presence of the pilgrims. (Muslim)
  • In this day Allah promises the pilgrims to bestow his mercy on them and forgive their sins so that when they return home they return free of sins just like the day when their mothers gave birth to them. (Bukhari and Muslim)
  • It is a day when many people will be emancipated from the fire of Hell.

The season of the ten days of Dhul Hijjah is a festivity of worship. No other days of the year hold so many diverse acts of worship as done in such a short time, not even in Ramadan. And here is a list of some of what good deeds are done during these days in Makkah and elsewhere around the globe:

  • Hajj and multiple Umrahs by millions of people.
  • The sacrifice of the dunya and this world for the sake of attending the Hajj.
  • The display of humility, humbleness and devotion in the actual rituals of Hajj.
  • Tawaaf around the Ka’bah and Sai’ between the two hills of Safa and Marwa.
  • Abundance of Dhikr, the praise of Allah especially takbeer and tahleel and what other pilgrims say the most, Talbiyah.
  • Fasting for the non-pilgrims.
  • Being extra charitable.
  • Offering the hadi’y and udhiyah or qur’ban the sacrifice of livestock and feeding the poor.
  • The inclination towards repentance.
  • The engagement in long du’a or supplications as a sign of humility and humbleness.
  • Maintaining the prayers in the sacred sites al-Haram in Makkah and the Masjid of the Prophet in Madinah.
  • The recitation of the Qur’an.

The ten days of Dhul Hijjah also host the greatest day of the year, Yum-an-Nahr the day of the sacrifice, the 10th which is the actual day of Eid. The Messenger of Allah said:

(إنَّ أَعْظَمَ اْلأيَّامِ عِنْدَ الله تبارك وتعالى يَوْمُ النَّحْرِ ثُمَّ يَوْمُ الْقَرِّ)

“The best day with Allah is yum-an-Nahr, the day of sacrifice and then yum-al-qarr (the day that follows, when the pilgrims reside in the camps of Mina for worship).” (Ahmad, Abu Dawood and an-Nasa’iee).

So, now that you know the significance of this season, what do you need to do? Here some suggestions for you:

  • Increase your level of worship during the day and during the night.
  • Try to achieve one khatma of the Qur’an (reading it from cover to cover).
  • Keep your tongue moist with dhikr and praise of Allah wherever you are.
  • Maintain a state of tahara and wudu at all times.
  • Make most of your dhikr Takbeer (like the one you recite on Eid day).
  • Fast a few days while the days are short and cold, particularly the 9th, the day of Arafa.
  • If you haven’t paid for the qurban (sacrificial animal) yet, make sure to do so. Perhaps you should donate one to those who are most in need of it in areas such as Pakistan and Gaza.
  • Wake up before Fajr time and pray Qiyam-ul-Layl.
  • Pray your Fard salat on time.
  • Make sure you don’t miss any of the Nafl and Sunnah prayers.
  • Give charity and help those who are less fortunate prepare for the Eid day.
  • Share the spirit of the season and be cheerful with all people.

There is so much you can do for the ten days of Dhul Hijjah, but you are the one who knows your schedule better than any one else. Make sure to make this season a priority and may Allah grant you all Jannatul Firdous.

Remember, there are two chances in life: the one you already missed, and the one you don’t want to miss. So don’t miss out on the ten days of Dhul Hijjah.
Note : this article linked from here

first time

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* pay zakat thru online. senang amat ropanya

* pay astro thru online. hahaha. macam orang baru guna internet plak

* pay cukai taksiran @ mppj. that was major burnt of our account today. tis one has been much much much overdue, it was for three and half years tax, for the apartment at KD. i cursed the liar lawyer, i hope i will find him someday rotten begging for my mercy. cett! he owed me that precious S&P document until now. (silly me)


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our first try out : home made steamboat.

step 1 : get a portable stove. we bought it from G1ant. very handy & cheap. its packed in black suitcase, very james bond like. heh. cost about rm50, we chose pensonic. and dun forget to buy the canned gas.

step 2 : buy frozen seafood steamboat materials. we had assorted of them. fishballs, fucuk, prawn, squid, mushroom, tofu, etc…

step 3 : prepare the soup. boil..and dunked ’em all…and..the party’s begin..*insert banana dance*

tis time i let Mr ruled the course. me watched and enjoyed. 🙂 he prepared instant soup, using soy ketchup for Soba soup. very the senang. then we add some chilli paste, salt..voila!

yesterday’s weather was just so nice. suam-suam winter…just nice for steamboat dinner. maybe next time we can have it outdoor. more fun!

tip : i think a portable stove shud be listed in “a must-have” for every house. it’s handy. we can take it to picnic-do, and also it’s very useful if we suddenly run out of gas at home. eureka!

the spanking new stove. heh

macam-macam ada..

side dish : kerang goreng ala uptown. i cooked for lunch earlier

backdated issue [1]

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while i was away…

i watched two korean dramas.

first, i re-watched Princess Hours series. that was third time, if i count correctly. simply fall in love with them again. but something new happened. before this, everytime i watched Princess Hours, i never fail to fall into Prince Yul, again and again. he’s just sooo sweet and charming. cair lah gua. but…jeng..jeng..jeng…tis time…i had crushed on Prince Shin. ssshhhh…yep, tht snobbish Shin. ohmy. haha. He is Tall, not dark and Handsome. yummeh. err..just forget the sepetness. heh

Lucky ChaeKyung & Prince Shin

arent they cute aight?

Then, i watched Coffee Prince. That sweet Chae Kyung was a REAL TOMBOY in this series. oh my she did it very well. In this series, i found i have no chemistry at all with the leading man (eceh ceh) yet i like the second man, Han-Sung. He’s NOT HANDSOME, a little sweet but i found he is CHARMING. how bout that…and he sing very well. I download tht song (Ocean Travel) into my iTUnes and exported to my iPod. One of my best favorites.


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finally today i made up my mind to send off our maid earlier than normal schedule. i have issues with her, i mean we are having some issues with her since day 1 of course but anyhow we made it through, almost 4 years now. she’s not so bad, and we are not mean, but we are still not comfortable living with outsider. and myself, from starting i always prefer to handle everything on my own, much satisfying tho we need to tolerate and sacrifice a lot.

yesterday i was really angry at her. she & Jr were sitting at living room when i went downstairs, i immediately smelled gas. i rushed to kitchen and found out she left it on. stoooooopid.and she cant even smell? puufffff!

today i let her go for outing day. and me & Jr at home. challenge day 1. that was really tiring but i’m gonna face this from now. i might enjoy it soon.

enuff about her i guess. hopefully we’ll get her a ticket to fly back latest by end of tis month. buhbye.


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“tenggelam timbul terus masuk gol….”

heh. i’m back. another re-appearance, here at my own blog. after another looooooong idle.

heh. tht’s my private affair of me & my blog. i wud always take my sweet escape anytime i like and as much time as i want before i rekindle here again after some time. it’s mine (i proclaimed) so it’s just fine.

anyway. too many happenings while i was away, but too little worthy to share.

i wud update some sort of backdated issues, perhaps. we’ll see 😉

tis pic taken some moons back. just love it. vibrant, i think